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Sind jungs denn dumm - ja sind sie = Are boys stupid - yes they are.

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Q: Sind jungs denn dumm-ja sind sie?
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What is you boys are idiots in German?

It is: Sie Jungs sind Idioten

How do you say gay guys are cute in German?

Homosexuell Jungs sind süß any other questions about translating can be easily found on google translate

How do you say you guys are ugly in German?

Jungs sind hässlich is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

Was sind klippen?

Was sind Klippen = What are cliffs

How do you say there are in German?

There are = Da sind There are = Es sind

Was sind amphibien?

Was sind Amphibien? translates as What are amphibians?

Was sind volkstribunen?

Was sind Volkstribunen = What are people's tribunes

What doe3s sind mean in German?

sind = are (from the verb sein)

When was Sind Sparrow created?

Sind Sparrow was created in 1844.

When was Sind Regiment created?

Sind Regiment was created in 1980.

Are in German?

'Beide Sind 'or 'Beides Sind', but it depends on the context

What does wo sind sie mean in German?

Wo sind sie = Where are they? Wo sind Sie = Where are you?