Was space travel once science fiction?

Jules Verne wrote From Earth To The Moon. He had astronauts flying from the state of Florida to the moon. This was about one hundred years before it happened for real.

Yes! You should watch : Lost in Space, The time tunnel, etc... If you like sci-fi A LOT of science was once imagined, postulated and explored in literature, film and eventually cinema. The OP is correct, but I'm just expanding the answer. Almost all science was at one time "fiction" simply by the antonym of "fact." However, it was not always published in what one would call a traditional manner of "SciFi." Once, in Primary School I had to do a report on Luna (the Moon). I found a book in the School library that contained some wild ideas, wildly incorrect observations and calculations regarding Space itself, and a really wild closing to the chapter on Luna; "...perhaps someday Man may journey to the Moon, or beyond!" I am NOT making that up! Cheers!