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No, it really wasn't, there's little if any evidence of that, the show was meant to appeal to both adults and kids, seeing how adults usually are forced to watch Cartoons with their kids, the show added some adult humor to itself, humor that only the adults would get. Other then that, no, it was always intended to be a kids show. The same effect happened with other kids shows like Rocko, Rugrats, and many others.

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Is Songebob going off air?

NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! to many little and big kids also adults like spongebob also spongebob really boost the ratings for Nickelodeon

Does SpongeBob teach children anything?

No. Not really. It's NOT a kiddie show. It's target audience is adults and children.

What is the sexual orientaton of Spongebob Squarepants?

SpongeBob the show, and SpongeBob the character was never meant to be gay.

What percent of adults watch spongebob?


Why is SpongeBob so funny?

Because spongebob is a cartoon and is meant to be funny.

Why do adults wear SpongeBob SquarePants clothing?

Thier kids could have bought it for them or they like spongebob.

Why did they start SpongeBob?

To entertain young children and adults of all ages as tv would not be the same with out spongebob !!!

Was SpongeBob made for adults?

it was made for adults until a kid watched it and the parents complaned made by arysol

Was SpongeBob for adults?

No but now it's starting to look like it

How long has SpongeBob SquarePants really been on TV?

SpongeBob has been on TV since May 1, 1999. So far there are 7 Seasons of the hilarious show for children of all ages, even triggering adults' attentions.

Was SpongeBob created for adults?

No,I don't think it's for adults beacuse it's kid friendly and rated TV-Y7

Is the flowers of SpongeBob SquarePants meant to be coral reefs?


What is better SpongeBob or avatar?

Spongebob is really,really funny!I'm really am telling the truth!Avatar is really could get you intested.Avatar,I don't mean the movie AVATAR!I mean avatar the last airbender.I like Spongebob a little more.

How many people don't watch SpongeBob squarepants?

No one really knows probaly most kids do. Adults probaly dont unless they are watching it with their kids. I guess the answer is how ever many people are in they world minus how ever many people watch spongebob

Does SpongeBob really exist?

Spongebob Squarepants is a fictional character and does not exist in reality.

Are you really sure that SpongeBob is real?

Spongebob is a fictional character and therefore does not exist.

Is SpongeBob suitable for babies?

SpongeBob is suitable for babies and younger audiences although, they may not be old enough to understand what is going on. SpongeBob is designed to appeal to all audiences including children and adults.

Did sandy and SpongeBob really get married?

No- it showed on the Truth or Square commercial, but in the show it was really a play called The Marriage of Spongebob.

Can the original SpongeBob for adults be seen?

Spongebob is rated G meaning it is for all ages. They often run reruns on popular children's tv channels.

Is SpongeBob really being cancelled?


Is SpongeBob really being canceled?

No it is not

Who is really playing da act of SpongeBob?

who is playing the play of SpongeBob is Carly shar

Is SpongeBob really alive?

No, Spongebob is a fictional character created for the cartoon which is of the same name.

Is the show SpongeBob supposed to be like family guy?

No, not really. Family Guy is an adult cartoon, aimed at adults; SpongeBob Squarepants is supposed to be a kids show. Though that is true, many people seem to notice crude humor and "hidden dirty jokes" on the childrens' show.

Does squidward really hate SpongeBob?

He does not like Spongebob because Spongebob is always annoying him. Spongebob has also been known to trespass onto Squidward's property and break into his house.