Was that Beyonce or Beyonce sister in the cater song?


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beyonce was in cater to you her sister was not

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Beyonce has a little sister named Solange Knowles.

Solange is Beyonce sister

No, Beyonce has 1 sister that is 5-6 years younger than her

Beyonce is older than Solange

she has a sister. her name is solange.

No, but she has a younger sister.

No, beyonce's sister is younger than her

Beyonce's sister is Solange Knowles

it either blue ivy cater or ivy blue carter

Beyonce doesn't have a brother, she has a sister called Solange

No, Beyonce has 1 sister called Solange Knowles

no she does not but she has a sister though.

there are no sample[s] on the Beyonce song "sweet dreams".

Beyonce has a sister Solange Knowles however she does not have a brother. Although Beyonce's father had an affair with actress Alessandra Wright, and she had his child. So Beyonce has a half brother.

no beyonce has a younger sister solange Knowles

Beyonce is 5 years older than her sister Solange.

Beyonce doesn't have any brothers. But she has a sister called Solange

Beyonce has a sister. Her sister name is solange, and her sister is 5 years younger than her. Beyonce also calls Kelly Rowland a member of Destiny's child her sister, but they are not related by blood. Kelly grew up with Beyonce so they refer to each other as sisters.

What song does beyonce sing in the credits of Cadillac records

Yes according to the song Glory Beyonce had a miscarriage.

Can U Be Beyoncé's sister? Sure U can but only on MySpace.

beyonce doesn't have any kids yet but her sister solange has a son

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