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The Disney Magic was the first cruise ship, followed by Disney Wonder. Disney Dream just launched and Disney Fantasy will be released in 2012.

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What Disney cruise came first?

The first Disney Ship was the Disney Magic. The Disney Wonder came after, then the Disney Dream, and the Disney Fantasy will set sail on its Maiden Voyage in Feburary 2012

What is the smallest Disney cruise ship?

The smallest Disney Cruise Line ship is the Disney Magic. The Magic is the first and smallest ship, being 1,662 tons lighter than its sister ship, the Disney Wonder.

Where can tickets be purchased for a stay on the Disney Wonder cruise ship?

The best and most reliable place to purchase a stay on the Disney Wonder cruise ship is through the Disney website (specifically the Disney cruise site), where you can also find out which specific ship you may prefer.

What is the name of the Disney Cruise ship?

Disney's Disney Cruise Line is comprised of several ships, each with her own name. The newest and largest is the Disney Dream, her sister ship being the Disney Wonder. The first was the Disney Magic, a ship fashioned after early 1920's ships.

Is it possible to book a Disney Wonder Cruise online?

It is possible to book a Disney Wonder Cruise online. If you go to their official website, it will guide you through the steps to do this. You will be able to scope out the best options and prices that meet your needs.

Where are some reviews for the Disney Wonder cruise ship?

One can find reviews for the Disney Wonder cruise ship on various review and consumer opinion websites on the net. Some of these websites are CruiseCritic, USAToday, AvidCruiser and Fodors.

Which is Disney cruise ship is better Disney Wonder or Disney Magic?

they are both it is just up to you what one you like and wich one you do not like

Can you book a Disney wonder cuise online?

Disney Wonder cruises can be booked online. Simply choose a destination and a date, pay with a credit card, and be on your way. The Disney wonder cruise is a great family vacation regardless of the age of your children.

Are there any discounts for a Disney Wonder Cruise?

If you are interested in taking a Disney Wonder Cruise, never pay for the full price when you can find discounts and bargains that are available online. There are many online sites that will be able to provide you with the promotions that you need to save money.

When was the Disney Cruise ship first used?

The Disney Magic was the first ship in the fleet, launched in July 30, 1998.

Where do Disney Wonder cruises travel to?

The destination of the Disney cruise depends on the package you choose. There are a variety of options. Some go to Alaska, there is a New England cruise, and even one that goes to the Caribbean.

Are there any Disney cruises that feature Toy Story characters?

Yes. Disney currently offers a live performance called Toy Story- The Musical aboard their ship the Disney Wonder. The Disney Wonder cruise ship is the only one of the four Disney ships to offer this show.

How much is it per person to go on the Disney dream cruise?

Embark on a 14-night Panama Canal cruise aboard the Disney Wonder starting at just $985 per person plus tax

What is the wonder?

It is one of the two Disney Cruise ships. The other one is the Magic. If that's not what you're looking for, then be more specific. stevie wonder. of course

Aa meetings at Disney wonder cruise?

Look for "Friends of Bill" on the activities bulletin board, or ask a crew member. All cruise ships have meetings.

Where can you buy cheap Disney cruises?

One can buy cheap Disney cruises from the Disney Cruise website and the Mouse Savers site. The site has advice and information on searching for Disney cruises and onboard advice. Disney cruise line operates four ships which are The Disney Magic which launched in 1998, the Disney Wonder of 1999, the Disney Dream from 2011 and the Disney Fantasy which launched in 2012.

What is the price of Disney Wonder cruises for a family of four?

After doing some reading on the internet I have found that the price per person on the Disney Wonder Cruise is usually about 1800.00 dollars. However you may receive a discount for a families.

What to do first cruise or Disney?

I see where you are coming from. A few years ago my family and I went on a WDW and Disney Cruise vacation. I reccomend doing Disney first and cruise last so you can relax after the chaos at Disney. If you do the cruise last, be sure to not book a late flight unless you plan to hit NASA or another daytime attraction before. They kick you off the boat very early at the terminal after the cruise. Our first Disney Cruise we were stuck at the Orlando Airport for 5 hours. It got VERY boring after awhile. But either way, you will have a lot of fun! :D

What destinations are available on a Disney Wonder Cruise?

Destinations for Disney Wonder Cruises Are Alaska, the California Coast, the Bahamas, Elsewhere in the Caribbean and the Panama Canal in the Americas. Other Options Are to Go for a Transatlantic Cruise Calling to Spain, Portugal, St. Maarten and Other Ports or a Mediterranean Cruise Leaving From Barcelona or Venice and Visiting Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia and Turkey.

Is Disney cruise lines actually owned by Disney?

Yes. Disney cruise lines is owned by Walt Disney company. Disney cruise line is located in port canaveral Florida. The president of the cruise line is Karl Holz.

When is the best time of the year to enjoy a Disney Wonder cruise?

"When you enjoy a Disney Wonder cruise depends on what you prefer. Summer, holidays, and spring breaks do seem to be very popular times for some people. Other people prefer to travel during the non-peak times in order to get better value for their money."

What type of resort is Disney cruise line?

The Disney Cruise Line is a cruise line paradise resort.

What is the Castaway Club on Disney Cruise Line?

according to the Disney cruise line website, your are automatically enrolled in the castaway club after you have sailed on DCL for the first time.

What are the names of the Disney cruise ships?

The first was the Disney Magic, second was the Wonder, third was the Dream and the fourth, ( Fantasy ) will be coming in March, Well, it will be christened March 1st. So far, it's already on it's way for New York :)

When was Disney Cruise Line created?

Disney Cruise Line was created in 1995.

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