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The elephant bird. But now, the ostrich is bigger because the elephant birds are extinct.

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Yes, elephant birds were much larger than moas. Moas were about 12 feet tall and weighed 500+ pounds. Elephant birds were over 10 feet tall, but weighed about 880 pounds!

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Q: Was the Elephant bird bigger than the Moa?
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What other 2 animals have become extinct other than moa?

Two extinct animals other than the Moa are the Elephant Bird and the Dodo bird.

This bird is now extinct starting with M?

A flightless bird that starts with 'm' is the Moa.

An extinct bird that cannot fly?

Dodo, elephant bird, moa.

What is an extinct bird that cannot fly?

One flying reptile that is extinct is a pterosaur.Pteranodon

Can you name three extinct birds?

Moa,elephant bird,and the passenger pigeon

Extinct New Zealand bird?

no it is not right it means the Golden egg

What is the name of giant bird?

Currently, the largest bird in the world is the Ostrich, but before the Ostrich there were even bigger birds like the Moa and the Elephant Bird. Unfortunately, these birds are extinct. The Moa became extinct in the 1800s, and the Elephant Bird (Aepyornis gracilis) became extinct in htye 1700s.

What is the name for the diverse group of mainly extinct birds including the elephant bird?

Moa's from Madagascar.

What are some animals that are going to be endangered?

The rare Dodo,Elephant bird,Moa and The Great Auk

How old was the moa when it became extint?

It was hunted to extinction in the 18th century after the extinction of the elephant bird in the 17th century.

Where does the native bird moa come from?

The Moa is a now-extinct flightless bird which once inhabited New Zealand.

What is an extinct ratite?

A 'ratite'is a large flightless bird, such as an emu Emu, Ostrich, Rhea, Cassowary, etc.. So an 'extinct ratite' is a similar bird which has died out.... The best known examples are probably the Moa, and the Madagascan Elephant Bird.