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Was the Iroquois the biggest group?


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No. They are a tribe, a nation and North America was the home to millions of Native Americans until they were killed by disease, starvation, removal from Native lands, and murdered by settlers and military raids on villages.


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The Iroquois life style is a group of Iroquois that decide what's best for the Iroquois.(They get together everyyear.)

The Iroquois were not known as the biggest people, although they were strong in numbers. They formed an alliance called the Iroquois League which still exists in modern times.

The Iroquois decided to form the Iroquois League which was a confederation or a loose group of government

The Iroquois Confederate Militia was a group of Iroquois Indians who fought for the South, or Confederacy during the Civil War, 1861-1865

The Iroquois confederacy called themselves "Powerful group of Native Americans".

The Dutch occupied it. no actually the Iroquois did. Yeah the Iroquois did

The Amerindian tribal group is the Iroquois.

The Iroquois tribes did not live on Long Island; the tribes were all from the Algonquian language group.

Iroquois league of confederacy

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The Algonquin, the Siouan and the Iroquois.

the Iroquois confederacy is a group of 5 (now six, added in about 1722) tribes (mohawk, oneida, onondaga, cayuga, and seneca). the Iroquois confederacy protected the Iroquois people's rights and from other villages that may attack. more info in a textbook..............................................(:

The name of the Amerindian tribal group, Iroquois, is already plural. It may be seen used, infrequently, to refer to a single member of the tribe

Cherokee are related to the Iroquois tribal group

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Not exactly you see, the Iroquois is a small group of tribes inside the whole subgroup of the eastern woodland Indians

The name of the Amerindian tribal group, Iroquois, is already plural. It may be seen used, infrequently, to refer to a single member of the tribe.

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