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Was the Revolutionary War and the civil war around the same time?

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They happened about 100 years apart.

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he was in the civil war. the revolutionary war was long before his time. generals were grant,lee

ya it ended in 1865 (which is in civil war) or some other time in the civil war and what revolutionary war r u talkin about

Lincoln had nothing to do with the Revolutionary War. It was over before he was born in 1809. He was the President of the US at the time of the Civil War.

around the time of the revolutionary war.

The actual turning point was the fall of Vicksburg at around the same time.

john dickenson is a historical figure from around the revolutionary time.

during the time between the us revolutionary war and the us civil war England traded with Africa.

Klu Klux Klan began in 1865, end of Civil War.

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they weren't formed during the revolutionary war. They formed about the same time the Sons of Liberty were, and helped boycott british goods

No, they were two different wars fought in different time periods.

No state abolished slavery during the Revolutionary War. Massachusetts via its Constitution of 1780 did not recognize slavery and thusly "abolished" it, but no state abolished slavery as far as I can see before or "around the time" of the Revolutionary War.

Modern revisionists get it wrong every time (and on purpose). The slavery issue actually had very little to do with the War Between the States. The main reasons were the same as with the Revolutionary War : State's Rights and taxation without representation.

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It started around the time when British settlers came to North America, and ended around the time of the Civil War.

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