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They sure were. Communism was and is (China/North Korea) an extremely persecuting style of governing. Half the world it seemed, at times, was under one red flag or another. What started out as an attempt in Russia to make everyone equal, with equal rights, soon deteriorated into the rich at the top getting everything; and the ordinary people getting the scraps. Secret police forces came to life in communist countries to protect "the system" and yet got so bad they ended up murdering anyone they thought was "anti-system". That wasnt going to happen to western Christian democracies.

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Q: Was the US justified in containing communism?
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Was the US justified in implementing the policy of containment?

The United States certainly justified its actions within itself. Communism, the target of the containment policy, posed a serious threat in the minds of post-WWII America. Thus, containing it and preventing its growth was most certainly justified and the correct thing to do. In the minds of others, such as those sympathetic to the Communist ideology, the US was far from justified.

The US was successful in containing communism in what country?

South Korea

Why did the US assume global responsibility for containing communism?

The US saw communism in general as a threat to their economy since it was based on capitalism

What was the basis for the US philosophy during the cold war?

Communism = Bad We accepted a policy of containment, which was 'containing' communism.

Why was the US involvement in Vietnam justified?

Back then it was justified by the citizens of the U.S. because they were afraid of communists and they hated communism. It was an injustice for The U.S. to enter the Vietnam War.

The United States was successful in containing communism in what country?

The United States was successful in containing Communism in South Korea.

Did the US stance on communism play a large role in its decision to get involved in Vietnam?

Absolutely. The war was entirely based upon the principle of containing communism.

What does it mean to contain communism?

'Containing' Communism was a stupid thing the US thought it had to do. The US didn't like Communism, probably because they didn't undesrtand it at all or were afraid it was better than their economic stance, so they said that they had to contain communism by arresting people who supported communism. yeah, freedom of speech and thought...

Was the US successful in containing communism?

In certain times and places, yes it was successful, but not every time and every place.

The u.s. joined the war in Vietnam in hopes of containing what?

The US hoped to curtail the expansion of communism by intervening in Vietnam.

Was the war in Vietnam justified?

No; it was based on a bogus theory of preventing the spread of communism.

Who introduced the idea of containing communism?

George Kennan

United states was successful in containing communism in what country?


A sentence containing the word antithesis?

Communism is the antithesis of capitalism.

Restricting the expansion of Soviet communism was called what?

Containment; the U.S. policy of containing communism in a certain country/area.

Why did the US support France against Ho Chi Minh?

Ho Chi Minh was a Communist. Even if France had not been a US Ally, the US had a vested interest in containing the spread of Communism.

How did the US respond to the spread of comminism?

The US responded by offering the Marshall aid this was resources for countries that were under the threat of being invaded by the soviets, by doing this they would be "containing" communism

Were Americans justified in their fear of communism during the cold war?

Because they was, dont worry about it you cheaterrr

Was the US involvement in World War I justified why or why not?

Was the US involvement in World War 1 justified why or why not?

What guided president Johnson's policies in Vietnam?

His commitment to containing communism

What did the Korean war and the Vietnam war have in common?

They were both about containing Communism

How successful was the west in containing communism in Europe up yo 1949?

well they were not successful.

During the cold war what was the united states main concern?

Containing the spread of communism.

Was World War 1 containing communism was involved with America entry?

Communism did not go into effect until the last year of WW1. It had nothing to do with any of the fighting.

How did US compete with Soviet Union during the Cold War?

The United States competed with the Soviet Union during the Cold War by containing the Soviet Union from spreading communism. The U.S. did this by forming NATO, a group formed by President Truman in order to contain communism.