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Q: Was the arms race a root cause of the failure of the League of Nation to prevent war?
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What are the reasons for the failure of the League of Nations?

The main reason that the League of Nations failed, was that the countries only thought for themselves.The absence of the U.S. was a large factor in the failure of the League of Nations, but the root cause of the failure of the League was that it had no real power.

Which was the more important reason for the league of nations to fail?

The main cause of the failure of the league of nations was USA not joining the league.

Was the absence of the US the main reason for the League of Nation's failure?

The absence of the U.S. was a large factor in the failure of the League of Nations, but the root cause of the failure of the League was that it had no real power. It was essentially the U.N. without a securtity council to enforce it's directives.

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How did the league of nation cause World War 2?

After ww1 the league of nations made the treaty of Versailles. This treaty took everything from Germany.

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Was the league of nations a cause of the World War 1?

no : The League of Nations was perhaps designed to prevent WW2. It didn't, but it was not formed until after the end of WW1.

Why might critics suggest that the league of Nations failed in its intended goals?

because japan seized Manchuria which cause many league of nation members to protest.

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How did the failure of the league cause World War 2?

The failure of the League did not cause World War II, but it certainly was one of the factors. There were high hopes for the League of Nations, but unfortunately, it proved to be a very weak body, unable to agree on major issues, and bogged down in bickering, as stronger nations like England and France competed for political influence. In the 1930s, when a united stand against the rise of Naziism and Fascism was needed, the League failed miserably. For example, when Italy (under Mussolini) invaded Abyssinia (today Ethiopia), the Abyssinians begged the League of Nations for help, but the response was half-hearted at best. Sanctions against Italy were agreed upon, but not enforced; in fact, several member countries totally ignored them. The League was not able to get every member nation on the same page, nor was it able to defend a weaker nation against a stronger one. Eventually, Mussolini decided the League would be no threat to his expansionist goals, and he soon cast his lot with another expansionist, Adolph Hitler of Germany.

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