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Yes. In 1935, Shah Reza Pahlavi requested that all documentation used to refer to his country refer to it as Iran, not Persia, which had been the historic name used for the country by foreign nations.

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Q: Was the country of Iran once called Persia before Reza Shah changed its name to Iran?
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What was it before it was Iran?

Prior to be called Iran the country was known as Persia.

What country was once called Persia?

Persia was once called Iran

What country's old name was Persia?

Iran used to be called Persia. It changed its name in the early 1920s. (Prussia, which sounds similar, is an entirely different country, formerly located in the eastern part of, what is now, United Germany

What is the town that used to be called persia?

Persia was a country, not a town; the country is now called Iran. Its ancient capital was Persepolis.

What is the country called which was once Persia?

Persia is now known as Iran.

How big is persia?

There is not a country called Persia at present. Today's Iran was called Persia in ancient times. Now it is 1.68sq km.

Is perzie a country?

Assuming that by Perzie you mean Persia, then yes, it is a country. It's no longer called Persia though, from 1935 it's called Iran.

What is the word Persia mean?

The word Persia describes the ancient country of Persia which till the 1970`s was called with thesame name around the world, Even after 2600 years. But when the Pahlavi Dynasty started, the countrys name was changed to "IRAN" meaning " The land of the Aryans"

What is new name of Persia?

The name now for Persia is IRAN.Found next to Iraq , turkey and afghanestan.(middle-east)Persia renamed itself Iran in 1935, March the 21st

What middle eastern country by iraq used to be called persia?

IRAN is the neighbor of Iraq that used to be called Persia.

What is the name of the country used to be called Persia?


What is the present day name of the country that was called Persia?

Persia is now known as Iran.