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Q: Was the invasion of Italy part of the European front in world war 2?
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What are the 4 fronts of World War 2?

There were only three that I know of. The Pacific Front- the war with Japan in the Pacific The African Front- Allied movements through North Africa leading up to the invasion and the liberation of Italy, liberation of Poland and the invasion of Southern Germany. The European Front- The liberation of France, The Rhine Land and eventually the invasion of East/West Germany.

What was the first European country the US invaded in World War 2?

Italy was the first EUROPEAN nation the Allies attacked with the US forces to drive the Germans out of Italy and give the Allies a place to work from during the D Day Normandy invasion.

Who won invasion of Italy World War 2?

Google it.

What was Operation Husky in World War 2?

it was the invasion of Sicily, Italy

What was the turning point of the invasion of Italy?

important in world war 2 ;)

What was a code name associated with the Allied invasion of Italy in World War 2?

Operation Avalanche and operation Baytown were codenames associated with the Allied invasion of Italy.

What was the site of the allied beachhead in the invasion of Italy during World War 2?

The Allies successfully established a beachhead at both Anzio and Salerno in the Italy invasion.

Which countries did Italy invade in World War 2?

Italy's successful invasion of Ethiopia was one of the earliest contributing factor to World War II. However, their invasion of Greece was not so successful.

People of Italy are from what region of the world?

mediterranean or European

What were the two European theaters during World War 2?

Eastern Front, Italy and from D-Day on, Normandy, France, Belgium, etc.

What aggressive actions by European and Asian nations threatened world peace between 1930 and 1937?

The Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931The invasion of Abbysinia by Italy in 1935The re-militarisation of the Rhineland by Germany in 1936All these were aggressive actions, but whether they threatened world peace is debatable.

What events marked a turning point in World War 2 on the European front in favor of the allied forces?

The D-Day Allied invasion at Normandy, France in 1944

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