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Was the lend lease act good or bad?

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It helped the British during World War 2. Britain needed the help and the US was not yet ready to enter the war.

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What was the purposse of the 1941 lend lease act?

To lend supplies to friends to fight the bad guys

What effects did the Lend-Lease Act have?

very bad affects b/c like when the people that they were going after was finding out about the help and they would go after the people in the lend-lease and try to kill them for helping the united states in the war

Is it bad to lend your jacket to your friends boyfriend?

it depends on how you act in lending it. ,

Who will lend you money to get your truck back from titlemax?

If your credit is good, a bank will lend you money. If your credit is bad, then only a very close personal friend, who is willing to take a risk, will lend you money.

Where can you learn how to get a car lease with bad credit?

You can find out how to get a car lease with bad credit on a website called Car Line which is reliable and suits every need in this instance. It is very good for people with bad credit.

Did a loyalist act bad or good?

If you were surpporting the Americas then bad but if you were still attached to England then good.

From where can one purchase cars with bad credit?

Buying cars that are for sale by owner is a good option for those with bad credit. Some other options are lease assumptions and getting a co-signer on a car loan. A lease assumption is where the seller of a car is no longer able to make their payments and you basically take over the lease for them. The companies that do this still check credit, but it is generally not as strict. A co-signer would be someone with better credit who is willing to be responsible if payments are not made. They act as a backup to the lease.

How did the boys act before the rumble?

good and bad and worse and **

Is scamming good to do?

No, scamming is a very bad thing to do. It is a shameful act.

What bad acts begin with J?

Jeopardize your good reputation is a bad act. It begins with the letter j.

How should villains act in a novel you are writing?

The villians in a novel don't need to be bad they can act to be good or you can just let the reader know that they are bad itself

Kinds of human act?

KINDS OF HUMAN ACTgoodbad indifferentdirectindirectperfectimperfect

You got a 23 on your ACT Is that good or bad?

That is near the average for most people taking the test. So, you are roughly in the middle of the pack, not good but not bad.

Is there good consequences for evil acts?

Not at all.It is impossible. if it is true that a n evil act has good consequence there is no evil act exists.An evil act will always consequence a bad and evil end.

Why are children good for babysitter then bad when parents come to get them and how can the babysitter or parent correct this?

Children are often "good" for a babysitter because the experience is new. With parents, patterns are established that lend to disobedience and strife.

How do you get a car lease with bad credit?

If is difficult for you to get a lease with bad credit, due to the fact new car dealers require a much higher credit score, usually 650 and higher to qualify for a lease. But you can always finance a used car relatively easier.

What are the bad things about an apartment rental lease?

With a lease, there are some legal protections that are afforded to the rentor. Without a lease, you may be forced to move at a moment's notice and be without a place to live.

Where can a person with bad credit go to get information on car leasing?

Even those with bad credit can apply for a car lease. Some helpful websites include Top Car Lease Deals, Lease Guide, Cash Fast 123, and Auto Credit Express.

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Clean air act pros and cons?

Clean air is good. Polluted air is bad.

Why was the Indian removal act a bad idea?

It was a good idea but it was the part about getting them out of america was the problem.

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