Was the preserved heart of Joan of Arc recovered and placed in some reliquary it is rumored it was blue french and had a miraculous cross of lorraine imprint what is the truth about this relic?

It was rumored that Joan's heart survived the heat of the fire, but there was no offical document that states that. There are no known relics of Joan's body.

One version says that the soldiers raked back the coals and recovered what was left of her body. They then burned the remains twice more, until it was reduced to nothing more than ashes, and threw the ashes in Seine.

From the Wikipedia article on Joan of Arc: "

In 1867, a jar was found in a Paris pharmacy with the inscription "Remains found under the stake of Joan of Arc, virgin of Orleans". They consisted of a charred human rib, carbonized wood, a piece of linen and a cat femur - explained as the practice of throwing black cats onto the pyre of witches. They are now in the Museum of Art and History in Chinon museum. In 2006, Philippe Charlier, a forensic scientist at Raymond Poincaré Hospital (Garches) was authorized to study the relics. Carbon-14 tests and spectrometry were performed, and the results[76] show that the remains come from an Egyptian mummy from the sixth to the third century BC. The charred appearance comes from the embalming substances, not from combustion. Large amounts of pine pollen were also found, consistent with the presence of resin used in mummification and some unburned linen was found to be similar to that used to wrap mummies. The famous perfumers Guerlain and Jean Patou said that they could smell vanilla in the remains, also consistent with mummification. [3] Apparently the mummy was part of the ingredients of Medieval pharmacopoeia and it was relabelled in a time of French nationalism.