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yes it was

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Q: Was the radar invented by Robert Watson?
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When did robert Watson-watt build radar?

Robert Watson-watt invented the radar on 15th june 1935.

When was RADAR invented?

The first patent was in April 1935 for the invention of RADAR by Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt

Who discover radar?

robert watson watts Radar wasn't discovered, it was invented.

What did Robert Watson watt invent?

the radar

Who first patented the radar?

Radar was patented by Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt in April 1935.

Who is the scientist credited with the development of radar in England?

Robert Watson-watt

Who invented marine radar?

Radar in general was one of those things that got invented in small steps by various individuals. Some notable steps would be: Chain Home...Watson Watt Chain Home Low...Watson Watt. Seetakt marine gunlaying radar... Hans Hollmann H2S airborne radar...British Military. Cavity Magnetron...Manchester (England) University.

Who is Robert Watts?

a person who invented the radar and that's that hes dead why do we care

When did Robert Watson-Watt invent the radar?

when we know know but we do know he wuz a nerd so have fun pimples

How was radar discovered?

the radar was discovered when Robert Watson-Watts was messing with his ship and he found that by attaching a radio to his fishing pole, he could get the reflection of sound off the fish

Who invented ram and when?

Robert Heath Dennard, of the IBM TJ Watson Research Center in 1968 invented RAM

Who first invented the World War 2 radar?

Watson Watt invented Chain Home which was central to winning the Battle of Britain. Hans Hollman developed Seetakt marine radar which was instrumantal in the destruction of the mighty HMS Hood by DKMS Bismark..

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