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the role of camp x in World War 2 was gr8 lo bla bla bla more n more

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Q: Was the role of camp x important in World War 2?
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What was Japan's most important base in World War 2?

Camp Fuji

Historical figures who played important roles in world war 2?

Some historical figures who played a important role in World War 2

Someone from Germany that had an important role in world war 1?

Keiser Wilhelm

What were the most important role of women in World War 2?

working in factories making war materials

What role did Auschwitz play in World War 2?

It was a concentration camp where the Germans tortured, starved and murdered thousands of innocent people.

Where would prisoners stay in world war 2?

prisoners of war camp (pow camp)

How effective were planes in World War 1?

VERY! The German Ace, "The Red Baron" played an important role in the war

What was Douglas MacArthur important role in World War 2?

He was the commanding general of the army in the Pacific.

Which was the largest Japanese internment camp during the second world war?

The largest Japanese Internment Camp built during World War 2 was the Oikawa camp in Nevada. It held approximately 50,000 people against their will during the war.

Did Belgium play an important role in the beginning of World War 1?

It ate a cat named Steven.

Which radio location system played an important role during World War 2?

we used a radar

Name some historical figures who played an important role in the World War 2?

Thomas Jefferson

How was the role different after the world war 2?

The role of what?

What role did the ships play in world war 1?

War ships played a minor role in world war one as the British had total control of the seas with their Grand Fleet but convoys played an important part in moving troops and supplies from the Americas to the battlefields of Europe.

What was the most important Omaha Beach role in D-Day during World War 2?


What was significant about Camp Forrest in Tennessee during World War 2?

Camp Forrest was one of the largest training bases for the US army during World War Two.

Were there internment camps in Arizona during World War 2?

Camp Florence : Florence, Arizona; Camp papasoperk; Camp Pima

What was the role of both the Allied and Axis World War 2?

the allies role in world war 2 was to liberate Europe & the pacific against the axis the axis role in world war 2 was to take over the world & execute Jews

How did the role of women become so important in World War 1?

the women were important in many ways one is that they treated the wounded. hi Gary

Was Tecumseh in the war of 1812?

yes he was and played a important role in the war.

What was Lenin's role during World War 2?

Lenin had no role in World War 2. He had died in 1924 about 15 years before World War 2 started.

What was a Concentration Camp World War 2?

no they had the prefix KZ, WW2 refers to World War Two or WWII

What was boot camp like in world war 2?


Was Egypt in World War 1?

no the British military camp was there

What was the food like in World war training camp?

the worst