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Q: Was the universe colder or hotter in the past?
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Is Europa hotter or colder then earth?


Is it hotter or colder if your closer to the water?


Can heat transfer through radiation from colder to hotter body?

Yes, heat DOES transfer from the colder to the hotter body but there is a NET heat transfer from the hotter to the colder body.

How do things get hotter and colder?

Things get hotter because of the sun, and things get colder because of the snow

Is earth hotter or colder than earth?


How does temperature work with water?

Hotter the temperature the hotter the water or the colder the temperature the colder the water gets

Does heat energy flows from colder to hotter?

No heat does not flow from colder to hotter. It flows from hot to cold.

Is the Oort cloud hotter or colder than earth?

Colder, much colder.

Is Pluto colder or hotter than Earth?

colder because its an outer planet and earth is an inner.So remember inner=hotter outer=colder

Is Venus hotter or colder than Mars?

definitely hotter

What occurs when heat flows from a hotter object to a colder object?

The hotter object will get colder than it was, the colder object will get hotter than it was. Heat flow will continue until both objects are at the same temperature.

Which is colder the earth or the universe?