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It might be inappropriate to try to research your answer. However, there is a website which might have your answer. Try Yad Vashem, the Holocaust site. The link is given below.

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Who survived from the war in Anne Frank family?

Only Otto Frank survived the war - the rest of his family died in the Holocaust.

Who in Anne Frank's family survied the Holocaust?

Only Otto Frank, the father, survived.

Did Anne Frank's whole family die in the holocaust?

No, her father Otto Frank survived.

Which member of frank family survived the holocaust when did she or he die?

Otto Frank, he died in 1980.

Who were the 12 children who survived the holocaust?

There were more than 12 children who survived the Holocaust.

Were there 600000 jews that survived the holocaust?

no about 150,000 survived

Did Anne Frank have adiary?

Yes. Her father published it after the Holocaust ended. He was the only person from the Frank family that survived the Holocaust. Everyone else died.

Did Anne Levy die after the Holocaust?

Anne Levy survived the Holocaust. Anne Levy was four years old when the Nazis attacked and occupied Poland in September 1939. Her family survived two years in the Warsaw ghetto. In January 1943, the family escaped the ghetto and survived the rest of the war pretending to be Christians. Anne, her parents, and her younger sister Lila are among the very few Jewish families in Poland who survived the Holocaust. They moved to New Orleans in 1949.

How many prisoners survived the holocaust?

200,000 people survived

How did Jeannine Burk'survive the Holocaust?

she survived cause god survived her

Did Joseph sher's family survive?

his wife survived after the holocaust, but his kids did not. his wife died shortly after the holocaust. dnt ever look at her shes an ugly b*tch

How many Austrian Jews survived the Holocaust?

Only 30,000 survived.

What percentage of Jewish population survived in Denmark survived the holocaust?


What is Anne Franks impact on society?

She had did many things like when she had written a Diary that had explained how she and her family almost survived the Holocaust

How many people that survived the Holocaust got a medal?

There was no medal for surviving the Holocaust.

Did Renya Sieger survive the Holocaust?

Yes, Renya Sierger survived the Holocaust.

Did Anne Frank dad die?

Anne Frank's dad did not die during the holocaust. He was the only one who survived out of his family. So he did survive the holocaust, he did die on August 19, 1980.

Who survived in the attic in the holocaust?

Ann Frank.

What happened to people in the Holocaust that survived?

Those that survived the Holocaust were finally liberated from the camps by the allied forces, starting in mid 1944. By that time the Nazis had succeeded in destroying large amount of evidence implicating their role in the holocaust. However, the gruesome memory of the holocaust still remains fresh in people who survived this terrible ordeal.

How many people survived the Holocaust?

Not very many people survived. Nobody knows the exact number but about, 1 in 10 survived which is an estimated.___Less then 1% of the people survived the Holocaust.___One of the problems is that there is no agreed definition of Holocaust survivor. However, please see the related question, which gives a figure of about 200,000.Approximately 3,546,211 people survived the holocaust if one is referring to the number of Jews. The actual number of people cannot be accounted for in that case.

Did any Jews escape from the Holocaust?

Yes! There were MANY Holocaust survivors. About one-third of European Jews survived the Holocaust.

How did sally eisner survive the holocaust?

Sally Eisner survived Ukrainian Police by hiding under her bed with her brother and her brother were hiding with a Gentile family. They done chores for the family.

What is the cage about?

A Girl named Riva who survived the Holocaust while the rest of her family parished in the labor camps from illness, and lack of food and hydration.

Who survived the Holocaust from Anne Frank's family?

Anne's father Otto Frank, who Anne nicknamed 'Pim' is the only one to survive.

Holocaust victim who survived?

there are quite a few people who survived if you want answers look it up.

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