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no but they had not seen the ice berg when it had crashed causing the unsinkable ship to sink

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How do you overcome the building defect?

Depends, what defect?

How many movies were made about the Titanic?

"Titanic" (1997) "The Chambermaid on the Titanic" (1997) "Titanic" (1996) Television "Titanic" (1984) Television "Raise the Titanic" (1980) "S.O.S. Titanic" (1979) Television "A Night to Remember" (1958) "Titanic" (1953) "Titanic" (1943) "Atlantik" (1929) "Titanic" (1915)

Is a phobia a health defect?

it is a mental health defect.

Does a platypus have a growth defect?

No. The platypus does not have a growth defect.

Can the software be defect free?

no it cant be defect abundantly

What is defect cascading?

Defect cascading explains how one defect leads to other defects. For Example, employee application salary calculations are not correct when totaling Basic, Tax and Gross, so for this issue defect raised. In this case other modules will block and also same defect will exists in all those modules due to this defect. This is called Defect Cascading.

What is defect seepage in IT?

Defect Seepage is the defect creepage from one module to other or from one phase to subsequent phases.

What is difference between damage and defect?

The difference between damage and defect is damage is when an item is broken or destroyed. A defect is usually a mechanical defect that prevents an item from working correctly.

What is the difference between defect prevention and prediction?

defect prevention includes those strategies through which we avoid to occur a defect. for example formal risk analysis, prototyping. in defect prediction those areas are highlighted where there is possibility that defect can occur.

What is a growth defect in cells?

A growth defect in cells is called you !

What is the most common congenital defect?

ventricular heart defect

What is a sentence using the word defect?

The Russian decided to defect.

What is The official name of Titanic?

the ss Titanic or the RMS Titanic

Why was the Titanic hit?

The Titanic was not hit. An iceberg was struck by the Titanic.

how long was the titanic?

The Titanic was 883 feet long

What is a good sentence for the word defect?

Here are some sentences.Will the spy defect to our country?She will defect once she escapes from her escort.

Is jack in Titanic going to be in Titanic 2?

No. Titanic II is not even a sequel to the original Titanic from 1997.

How is a ventricular septal defect different from an atrial septal defect?

Ventricular septal defect affects the ventricles common in babies with down syndrome while atrial septal defect is affecting the atrium.

What is the musical titanic about?


Is the Titanic a he or a she?

... Titanic is not a he or a she it is a ship.

Why did they call the Titanic?

the titanic ;)

What is the Titanic name?


Is spina bifida a congenital defect?

Yes. A congenital defect is one the baby is born with, so spina bifida is a congenital defect.

Why was the ship named the Titanic?

The Titanic was called the Titanic because if the size.

Why should you ride the titanic?

There will not be a Titanic to ride. Titanic II will not be built.

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