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Q: Was there a punishment for not obeying the stamp act of 1765?
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What was the fear of the stamp act of 1765?

What was the fear of the Stamp Act of 1765?

What were the main provisions of the Stamp Act of 1765?

see stamp act of 1765

Who attended the Stamp Act congress of 1765?

Colonists attended the Stamp Act Congress of 1765. The Stamp Act Congress was held in New York City in October of 1765.

When did the stamp act take place the stamp act took place in 1765?

The Stamp Act was not enforced until November 1, 1765.

What day was the stamp act of 1765 passed?

The Stamp Act was passed on March 22nd 1765, which was a Friday.

What did the stamp act of 1765 cause?

The stamp act of 1765 was the requirement that all legal documents (contract, etc) had to have a stamp on it

When was the stamp act passed?

the stamp act was passed in 1765!

When did the stamp act pass?

the stamp act was passed in 1765

Which came first the stamp act or the Treaty of Paris?

the stamp act because 1765 is before 1785 and in 1765 came the stamp act and in 1785 came the treaty of Paris

What year did the stamp act and quartering pass?

Quartering Act: June 2, 1765 Stamp Act: March 22, 1765

What did the stamp act of congress of 1765 accomplish?

The stamp act of 1765 congress accomplished the declaration of rights of grievance.

How did the colonist react in the Stamp Act 1765?

In American colonies, reaction to the 1765 Stamp Act was greeted in America by an outburst of denunciation.

Did the stamp act 1765 end?

Yes, the Stamp Act of 1765 ended. The act was repealed when Parliament finally gave in to the colonists riots. The same day the Stamp Act was repealed, Parliament passed the Declaratory Act.

Was the stamp act before or after the sugar act?

After. The stamp act was added in 1765 and the sugar act was improved in 1764.

Why did the stamp act end?

Remember, the stamp act is the revolotinary war,1765.

Was America taxed in the Stamp Act?

Yes, America was taxed in the Stamp Act in 1765

What did the Loyalist think of the Stamp Act?

The Loyalists thought that the Stamp Act was necessary as they were loyal to England. The Stamp Act was enacted in 1765.

What year was the stamp act?


When was the stamp act?

1765- 1766

When did the stamp act occur?


When did the stamp act occurred?


Why was the stamp act of 1765 implemented?

The Stamp Act of 1765 was implemented to pay for British troops in North America. The commencement date was November 1, 1765 and the repeal date was March 18, 1766.

Stamp act date?

The date of the Stamp Act was March 22, 1765. The Stamp Act was repealed on March 18, 1966 The Stamp act was taxation on the Colonies.

What was the stamp act congress of 1765?

the stamp act congress was formed by the American colonists in october.

How did the towns people react about the stamp act of 1765?

The townspeople did not like the Stamp Act of 1765 and felt it was an attempt to raise money without approval. The colonists resisted the stamp act by debates and tarring and feathering tax collectors.