Was there a rubgy world cup in 2008?

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No. The rugby competition is held every 4 years, but the years were 2007, 2011,2015, and 2019.
The winner of the 2007 Rugby World Cup final was South Africa, 15-6 over England.
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Where is the World Cup?

2010 World Cup Football is in South Africa, the tournament starts in June 2010. The 2011 Rugby World Cup will be held in New Zealand.

What is the World Cup?

The World Cup can refer to either the FIFA World Cup for football or the Rugby World Cup. Each are held every four years. The FIFA World Cup is currently, June 2010, taking place in in South Africa. The next Rugby World Cup takes place in 2011 in New Zealand. if u dont no what the world cup is ( Full Answer )

Who won the 2008 FIFA World Cup?

There wasn't a World Cup in 2008. This tournament is held every four years. In 2010 the Champion was Spain.

When does the 2008 European cup start?

The 2008 UEFA European Championship finals will be played in AUSTRIA & SWITZERLAND, and will start on June 7 to June 29 2008.

Who won the 2008 Stanley Cup?

The Detroit Red Wings won the 2008 Stanley Cup by defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins in 6 games. Detroit Red Wings

Who are the entries in the 2008 breeders cup?

1- go between 8-1. 2-casino drive 10-1. 3-tiago 15-1. 4-duke of marmalade 10-1. 5-hernythenavigator 10-1. 6-smooth air 50-1. 7-student council 20-1. 8- ravens pass 6-1. 9-curlin 7-5. 10-fairbanks 10-1. 11-colonel john 20-1. 12-champs elysees 15-1

When did rubgy start?

Games similar to it existed for a long time, but it formally came into being with the first set of written laws in 1845. The formation of the Rugby Football Union occurred in 1871.

Who won World Cup 2008?

"There was no world cup in 2008." Sorry but the there was an U20 Womens World cup in Chile 2008 USA won

What do you where on the rubgy pitch?

Usually you wear a rugby jersey, rugby shorts, rugby socks and boots. Some people like myself wear headgear and 99.999% of people wear mouth guards

What does the world cup have to do with you?

It is a sporting event. If your country is playing, you should havea special interest. Even if you don't have your country to follow,you can still watch and enjoy it.

Who hosted world cup soccer 2008?

world cup was not played in 2008. just like the Olympics it is held every four years, its next location will be in South Africa in 2010. there were however Wold Cup Qualifiers to see who would be playing in 2010, but they are still being played out.

How do you get to the world cup?

You take a plane to South Africa. But first make sure you have tickets because they sell fast. How know's... they may be selling their last ticket NOW!!

What would've happened in the confederations cup if 1 team won the world cup 2006 euro 2008 and was hosting the world cup in 2010?

In that theoretical case (since South Africa could never be European champions), it is likely that FIFA would invite the runners-up and third-placed team of the 2006 World Cup. FIFA invites the best teams from each continent, and choosing the champions of each continental competition is the easie ( Full Answer )

Who won the 2008 cup final?

there was many cup finals in 2008,but the most cup was the champions league, the winners of this cup is Manchester united

What is rubgy?

Rubgy Is A Sport Alot Like Football, They Have The Same Shape Ball And The Objective Of The Game Is Sort of The Same But Rubgy Is Less Known And Isnt As Big As Football.

Who is the mountain bike world cup winner 2008?

The UCI official mountain bike men's world cup winners for 2008 were: Julien Absalon (France)-Cross Country Greg Minnaar (Russia)-Downhill Leonardo Paez (Colombia)-Marathon Rafael Alvarez De Lara Lucas (Spain)-Four Cross

Whitch country won the rugby union world cup 2008?

The answer is ............................ No one . . The RWC is played every 4 years . 1 . 1987 . New Zealand . France . 29-9 . 2 . 1991 . Australia . England . 12-6 . 3 . 1995 . South Africa . New Zealand . 15-12 . 4 . 1999 . Australia . France . 35-12 . 5 . 2003 ( Full Answer )

Who won the 2008 Hockey World Cup?

There was no Hockey World Cup in 2008. The previous Cup was held in 2006, where Germany beat Australia in the men's competition (in Germany) and the Netherlands beat Australia in the women's competition (in Spain). The following World Cup will be held in 2010, in New Delhi, India. 'Hockey World Cu ( Full Answer )

Who win World Cup 2008?

There was no world cup played in 2008, it was held in 2006 and now it will be held in 2010.

When will the world cup be?

The World Cup will begin on Friday, June 11 this year (2010). The first team to play against each other are South Africa vs. Mexico. Enjoy!

What is the World Cup cup called?

The original trophy, first presented to Uruguay in 1930, was originally known as the Victory Trophy , but was renamed Jules Rimet Trophy in honor of the former FIFA President Jules Rimet. Four months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup, hosted by England, the trophy was stolen. It was later recovered ( Full Answer )

Where will the the world cup be?

The 2010 World Cup tournament will be held in South Africa, with matches beingplayed in 9 major centres of the country

How can you get in to the World Cup?

Every International side in the world is automatically put into groups of equal amounts and then, say Andorra are in a group of Eight right? Well, they would have to play seven games, one against every other group member, and then the top two of the group would qualify for the world cup. So if our A ( Full Answer )

Why do they have world cups?

To allow the greatest teams and players in the World to compete against each other and show who the best team is. It also allows global advertisement of the sport.

Are there two cups in the World Cup?

There was the original trophy, called the Jules Rimet, first presented in 1930 to winners Uruguay. In 1970 it was given to Brazil to keep as they had won it for a third time. It was however stolen in 1983 and never recovered. The current Trophy, which was first presented in 1974 is called the World ( Full Answer )

Who has more World Cup cups?

Brazil with 5 world cup wins: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002 and Italy is in 2 nd with 4 wins

Why do rubgy players need to be flexible?

Consider some of the situations a player will/potentially will find themselves. In the scum as a simple instance the hooker will need to slightly turn their body , bend at the wait so that their head is frequently below their waist line, turn their head to face the open side prop where the scrum hal ( Full Answer )

Will a 2010 Boxxer World Cup fit on a 2008 transition bottlerocket?

Yes, the 2008 model of transition's bottlerocket is compatible with most forks, including the 2010 world cup. Although the frame was not meant specifically for dual crown forks like the boxxer, as long as the headtube size matches with the frame, the fork can be installed. The bottlerocket frame is ( Full Answer )

Is rubgy played in Germany?

Yes, there are a few rugby clubs in Germany . But rugby is not very popular in Germany.

How do you get into the world cup?

one way is to be in the top ten teams of your country. or one day a couch could see your talent like messi.

How popular is the Rubgy World magazine?

Rugby World magazine is a magazine that explores the sport of rugby. The magazine is the top selling rugby magazine in the world at this time. They publish this magazine monthly.

What does the UEFA Cup have to do with the World Cup?

They are soccer competitions. The UEFA Cup was a club competitionfor European clubs, and is now known as the Europa League. By theUEFA Cup you may mean the European Championships, which is thesoccer tournament for European national teams, held every 4 years.The World Cup is the soccer tournament for ( Full Answer )

Eight forwards in rubgy form?

This is called a scrum. A scrum is a way of restarting the game in rugby union after a minor infringement as occurred. Up to eight players known as the pack or pack forwards bind together in rows of three with the front rows of each team interlocking. The ball is then fed into the gap between and t ( Full Answer )

Who was the winner of the 2008 Euro Cup?

The UEFA Euro 2008 World Cup took place in Austria and Switzerland. Spain beat Germany in the final, winning 1-0 with Fernando Torres scoring the winning goal.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rugby League World Cup - 2008?

The cast of Rugby League World Cup - 2008 includes: Carl Ablett as Himself - England Danny Addy as Himself - Scotland Richard Agar as Himself - France Head Coach Leeson Ah Mau as Himself - Samoa Thierry Alibert as Himself - Referee Luke Ambler as Himself - Ireland Tanya Arnold as Herself - In-Studio ( Full Answer )

Who has on the world cup?

8 different countries have won the world cup. These are: Brazil (5titles), Germany and Italy (4 titles each), Argentina and Uruguay(2 titles each) and England, France and Spain (1 title each).