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There are currently specific procedures that involve a member of the service, usually in company of a chaplain, making a formal call to the home of the next of kin (spouse or parents). The numbers in WW2 made it impractical to personally visit, so it was often done through a telegram.

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Was there a set procedure for informing the families of UK servicemen killed on active Service during world war 2?

Yes. It was basically: * Find out who has been killed. * Find out who his next of kin was. * Type out a letter in the approved format. * Get the general staff to sign it. * Give the letter to an officer, who then takes it to that next of kin and informs them what happened and where.

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The dawn service is a commemoration of Australian servicemen that were killed in war. prayers are said and wreathes are laid. The dawn service is a commemoration of Australian servicemen that were killed in war. prayers are said and wreathes are laid.

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Why do people who served in the military get better rates on auto loans?

It is a thank you from car companies to soldiers for the service they are providing to the nation's military and its safety. Servicemen and women and their families have a tight income that isn't always regular and sometimes encounter problems. Military auto loans can be flexible to meet their needs.

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