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No, there was no winner at the end of the Korean War. It ended with a cease-fire. That is, the sides agreed to stop fighting.

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Why was the end of Korean War considered a stalemate?

because there was no winner, only a truce.

Who did the Korean Allies Defeat in the Korean War?

the enemies of the Korean allies were North Korea and China. There was no 'defeat' in the Korean war, rather, it was a DRAW, no winner......................

Final outcome of Korean war?

There was no winner. At the end of the war, the fighting returned to the 38th parallel and neither side had won. The countries are technically still at war

When did th Korean War end?

Korean War ended in 1953

Who was the winner of the Korean War?

North Korea actually, no one won the Korean war. there was a cease fire on June 27, 1953.

How did the conflict come to a end for the Korean war?

The North side of the Korean War ended up signing a truce to end the war.

What end ed the Korean War?

The Korean war began on 25th June 1950 but the Korean war still hasn't ended.

What happened at the end of the Korean War?

The Korean War was ended by an Armistice signed in 1953.

Who was president at the end of the Korean war?

Eisenhower found a way to end the Korean War very soon after he was elected President.

What did the Korean War end in?

The war ended in a stalemate.

When did the Korean War begin and end?

The Korean War lasted from June 1950 to July 1953

What was Dwight D. Eisenhower's contribution to the Korean War?

He helped to bring the Korean war to an end.

Why was the Korean war an equal outcome?

Because an armistice was signed on July 27, 1953. Therefore there was no winner of the war.

How did eisenhower end the Korean War?

he signed the Korean armistice agreement he signed the Korean armistice agreement

When was Korean War?

The Korean War begin June 25, 1950. and cease-fire on July 27, 1953. but the war did not end.

What were the United States goals for the Korean War?

The goals for the Korean War was to Put an end to communism "Domino Effect"

Why and When did The Korean War End How did it end Where?

the Korean war never ended. there is a dmz between north and south Korea. we just signed a cease fire agreement.

What president pledged to end the Korean War if elected?

Eisenhower made a campaign promise to find a way to end the Korean War and whiich he did very soon after he was elected/

What caused the Korean War to end and when did it end?

The Soviet Union (Russia) under Joseph Stalin supported the North Korean move into South Korea, starting the Korean War in 1950. Joseph Stalin died of natural causes in March 1953. The Korean war ended in July 1953.

Which American President successfully ended the Korean War?

Dwight D. Eisenhower negotiated a truce to end the Korean War (1953).

What made the Korean War particularly tragic?

The tragedy of the Korean Was was death and carnage everywhere, with no real change at the end of the war

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