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Was there any Undertaker in the 1996 movie Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi and if so did he speak Hindi?

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2011-09-13 16:42:26

a runor is a runor. in this case it is not true. he was in a

television show in 1999 though

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well it says he did on

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i have seen this Hindi film and no it was no the undertaker, it was

a look-alike.

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It was wrestler Brian Lee who had also wrestled as Chainz, part of

biker gang stable DOA. He was brought in by Crush who was in the

movie as well. To shed more light on why he was chosen to play the

Undertaker instead of the real guy Mark Calloway, was because

Chainz was the "fake" Undertaker and fuded w/ the real Taker back

in Summerslam '94. He was brought in by the Million Dollar Man Ted


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undertaker was never in a movie

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Yes Taker was in the movie . i hav seen it and he also speaks in


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