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there was indeed no government in the early days of the 1600's. :):)

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Q: Was there any government in the 1600s?
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Delwares type of government in 1600s?

representative government

What government did Virginia have in 1600s?


Massachusetts government in the 1600s?

i don't know why u ask me

What type of government did the northern New England colonies have in the 1600s?


What had England system of government become by the end of 1600s?

A constitutional monarchy

Was there a class system in the 1600s?

Yes there was a class system in the 1600s and even today there is a class system, the government files you into a class for taxes today though.

What was slavery like in Maryland like in the 1600s?

Maryland has the most slavery torture than any other eastern coast states in 1600s.

Connecticut government in the 1600s?

Assembly members from Massachusetts were chosen to rule Connecticut.

What type of government did Pennsylvania have in the 1600s?

Charter of Privileges was the proprietary government that was established upon the basis, which it continued to 1776.... im 1OO% correct . :)

What was colonial Virginia's government?

The government of Virginia from the 1600s to the late 1700s was known as the House of Burgesses. After the late 1700s, the government was renamed as the Virginia General Assembly. Then later the colony of Virginia became part of the US.

What are the 3 document of Self-Government in the early 1600s in colonies?

the order of connecticut, the Mayflower compact, and the House of Burgesses

What kind of government did Virginia have in the 1600s?

one with three branches: a legislative branch,an executive branchand a judicial branch (({Novanet})) ;))