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The 1600s refers to the time period of 1601 to 1700. Significant events during this time period, known as the 17th century, include the Scientific Revolution, the Thirty Years' War, and the English Civil War. It was during this century that scientists such as Isaac Newton and Galileo made their discoveries known.

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Middle Ages
Century - 1600s

How did women handle the menstruation in ancient and medieval times?

The last one to answer this was so wrong. Women were smarter than to just "sit in a hole for a week." So here's an improvement.

Ancient Egyptians used a compress of linen with a sponge on top, like a pad. They also had internal menstrual protection of rolled cotton or papyrus. Yep, that's right: tampons! If the woman had strange pains of other indications that the bleeding was unnatural, there were many herbal remedies a doctor would blend, wrap in linen, and use as a suppository. Basically, a tampon filled with herbs and honey. How nice!
The ancient Greeks invented tampons made from lint wrapped around a small piece of wood, recorded in writing by the famous Hippocrates in the 5th century B.C.

Israelite women had a really hard time. They were considered "unclean," and anything they touched or sat on was unclean.

When a woman has a discharge and the discharge form her body is blood, she will remain in a state of menstrual pollution for seven days. Anyone who touches her will be unclean. Anything that she lies on in this state will be unclean; Anyone who touches her bed must wash clothing and body. If a man goes so far as to sleep with her, he will contract her menstrual pollution and be unclean for seven days. Once she is cured of her discharge, she will allow seven days to go by; after that she will be clean. On the eighth day she will take two turtledoves or two young pigeons and bring them to the priest at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting. The priest will offer one of them as a sacrifice for the sin and the other as a burnt offering." (Leviticus 15:19-30)

Seven days unclean, then another seven days had to go by after she was "cured." In a cycle that took place every 28 days, that meant she was "clean" only half the time. Because of this, the women were secluded during their period. They didn't have much, so a couple yards of linen was used to absorb the blood, which then had to be washed out by hand. This horrendous hassle is what gave menstruating women a bad reputation throughout the Dark Ages and even up until the Age of Enlightenment.

Women in the Middle Ages also made tampons. Cotton was easy to come by. They would roll these into a suppository with a string attached from the cotton "tampon" to their upper thigh, believing that if they didn't, the tampon would float up and lodge in their uterus.

Here's an herbal recipe:

Take half a drachma of triacle diatesseron, the same amounts of cockle flour and myrrh, and grind them together with bull's gall in which savin or rue has been rotted. Then cover the mixture with cotton and thereof make a suppository as large as your little finger and put it in your privy member, but first anoint it with clean honey and oil together, sprinkle powder of scammony on it, and put it in the privy member; one can do the same with lupin root, and that is much better.

Of course, this sort of weird concoction made the woman bloat badly.
Many cultures used different ways to help a women during "that time of the month," but usually the cure was the same as today: a tampon of cotton or cloth, or a dressing of linen like a pad, with herbs to take care of the pain.

They did not simply "sit in a hole."

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What did it mean to be a Moor in Shakespeare's time?

It meant someone of African extraction. It especially meant people from North Africa, but the same word was used to describe people from Sub-Saharan Africa, some of whom lived and worked in London at the time (usually as household servants).

Century - 1600s

What did rich men wear in the 1600s?


History of Africa
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List 10 different types of cultures?











History of England
Century - 1600s

What was life like in London during the 1600's?

London was very different in 1600 than it is now...London was a very smelly place. There were different things that caused the smell for example the butchers would skin and gut animals and then throw unwanted bits and bobs in the river (which was right by the houses) and people also put all there waste into the river, people also bathed in that river, washed their clothes and much much more. The smell in the street was very overpowering as you could imagine.

Above the smell, London was a very dangerous place. So, people were living in danger everyday. The danger came from crowded city conditions, rabid crime in the poorest areas, (not unlike today).

In then days you had pay for a doctor, so if you could afford a doctor he would probably 'bleed' you so that the evil spirits could escape from the system of your body. Most scholars believe that being doctored in those days often caused premature death.

Infant mortality was very high; more infants died than lived. Women were always pregnant and large families were the normal. They kept having children because so many died in childhood because of all the diseases going round. And it was common for women to go through abortion because of unwanted babies.

There was no such thing as a shopping mall or center, it was just the market. Ships would sail in with lots of goods and London dockworkers would straight away put the goods in the market.

Century - 1600s

How was food kept cold in the 1600s?

Some places had ice houses but for the most part food was made from scratch for each meal and leftovers either made it to the next or were thrown out. People were not as particular in those days.

Century - 1600s

Who ruled Scotland in the 1600s?

James VI until 1625

Charles I until 1649

The Defacto Government of Scotland ("Covenanters") ruled until 1651

The Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland until 1659 under Oliver then Richard Cromwell

Charles II until 1685

James VII until 1688

William II and Mary II until 1694

William II until 1702

Century - 1600s

What was the writing style in the 1600'S?

The style was very formal and consistent.

Century - 1600s

What was the fashions in 1500's and 1600's?

very vintage and it had lots of lace

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What did teenagers do in the 1600s?

there was no such thing as a teenager. when you were old enough to breed, you got married and started a family.

I would add that "breeding" was not foremost, but bringing money in was, so children went to work as soon as they were able, getting married was later.

Century - 1600s

What age did people have kids in the 1600's?

As there was no effective way to prevent pregnancies, except for not having sex, people usually got children very young. Basicly as soon as they got married. Also remember the life expectancy was quite low, people usually did not live past 60 (some did). Many died around 40 years old.

In the 1600s it was also quite common to marry very young (especially women), even at 14. But at least on some countries there was this unwritten custom to not touch her if she was unmature (not developed breasts and no periods).

But we also have to remember counting years from birth is quite new tradition. In the 1600ths not many even knew what year they were born. For centuries the common men and women calculated their age roughly, if they had to. At that era there was no childhood as we know it, and there was not 'coming of age'. Women were counted ready when they got their periods.

But at that era periods generally started later comparing modern days. Especially if there was lack of nutritions. Nowdays we have food in plenty and our water supply (unfortunately) contains chemicals and hormones, which makes our young mature faster.

Tubal Ligation
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Were medical tools used in the 1700's?


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What is a slogan for Virginia in 1600s?

Virginia, the first successful colony.

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In which country was tinsel invented in the 1600s?


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Classical Music
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Century - 1600s

What music era classification does 'Caro mio ben' have?

The Italian arietta Caro mio ben has the music era classification of the Baroque style of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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What was 1600's cars like?

to soon for cars, but the first cars were like the single or double horse and buggier with a few basic extras added with the industrial revolution. one thing that has stayed to this day although improved, is the leaf springs. basic 4 stroke, manual hand crank start engine. steel wheel shafts .rear wheels were like the Bikecail chains through linkages from engine to a basic sprocket as a differential. crude rear effective drum brakes like today(non-powered). crude steering wheel and column's time went on ,things were vastly added.

Century - 1600s

How old did you have to be to get married in 1600s?

around the age of 14 for girls and around the age 15 to 16 for boys

Century - 1600s

What was the economy like in Pennsylvania in the 1600's?

the economy in Pennsylvania was easy for farmers who would sell their own crops at the market

Century - 1600s

What was Portugal's main import in the 1600's?

In the 1600s Portugal had lots of colonies such as Brazil, India, Macau and the African colonies.

The main import was spices until the discovery of gold mines in Brazil that made gold the most imported good.

Besides spices and gold, Portugal also traded Silks, Slaves, Diamonds, Furs, Tea, and coffee, just to quote a few.

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How did the English bill of rights in 1689 influenced the founding fathers?

the English bill of rights were rights originally madeto lessen the kings control.

gave people rights that noone can take away.

History of England
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What rights did colonists gain as a result of the English Bill of Rights?

The Got the right for religious tolerance freedom of the press, freedom of speech and others

Century - 1600s

What was England's main church in 1600s?

Protestant and Roman Catholic.

Century - 1600s

What was the French government's goal in the 1500's and 1600's?

be rich and to get no bankrucies

Century - 1600s

Does Halloween have any connection to witchcraft of the 1600s?


Aactually yes, Halloween is when in the olden days witches would all gather round together in a special place.

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Century - 1600s

What were two famous artists in the 1600's?

Rembrandt and Vermeer


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