Was there any matter at the time of the Big Bang?


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No, there was no matter at the time of the Big Bang. There was only energy.

It is thought that only energy in the form of the superforce existed when the Big Bang began. The four fundamental forces in the universe, the strong and weak interactions (strong and weak nuclear forces), the electromagnetic force and gravity, were all "combined" into one force carrier, which we term the superforce. The energy density at the time of the Big Bang was almost unimaginably high. Matter could not exist under these circumstances; it (matter) simply could not form from so much energy in such a small volume of spacetime.

Answer: There was No Big Bang!

The assumption of a small volume of spacetime at the "Big Bang" presumes the Big Bang. If the "Big Bang didn't happen", then no small space volume. Then no super-physics "inflation" needs to happen. "Inflation" presumes Space just exapanded out of "Nothing"! Space is not "Nothing", space has resistance to electromagnetic transmission, z Ohms. Z is the ratio of Quantum Magnetic Charge W Webers and Quantum Electric Charge C Coulombs. These same Quantum factors define Planck's Constant h = WC ; W = 500 E-18 Volt seconds and C = 4/3 x 2 E-18 Coulombs. The Electromagnetic Energy and forces before "Inflation" were transmitted through the "medium" of z and z must have been created from nothing to fill the "Infaltion" Space.

Assuming Pre-Big Bang was all energy then the pressure would be P = DE = E2/zc, energy per unit volume, what ever the "small volume". If energy is not created or destroyed then with c still a constant then E and z must change with the Inflation volume increase. Certainly z must expand into the Inflation space to carry the electromagnetic energy into the inflation space, is this not 'matter" under Big Bang "circumstances"? How does the energy move into the Inflation space without z?

Does The Big Bang maintain Energy Conservation? Conservation of Energy exists with Matter and Energy co-existing and interchanging. matter turning to energy E=mc2 and vice versa. The probability that all the matter transformed into energy at a point in time (before the Big Bang) is possible but not probable. It is more possible and probable that everything was matter before the Big Bang. The most probable situation is the Universe has always had matter and energy and there never was a Big bang.

The Big Bang is a Creation Theory of Origins of the Universe, less scientific than the Biblical story. The Biblical Story at least posits a Creator in the Creation Story.