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No, there was no rationing in Korean War

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Q: Was there rationing during the Korean war?
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What are some example sentences using the word rationing?

Rationing was done during World War II.We are rationing the chocolate during our diet.

Use the word rationing in a sentence?

During the war, people endured food-rationing.

Where did the war located during the Korean war?

It was on the Korean Peninsula. That's why it is called the Korean War.

Who used rationing in World War 2?

During world war II, rationing became essential element in Britain for its survival.

Was there rationing in Germany during World War 2?

There was a rationing program in Germany during World War 2 but towards the end of the war people were lucky to find food anywhere because of all the damage done to the German cities during the bombing raids. The rationing program in Germany was not like the rationing programs in the Allied Nations. The rationing at the beginning of the war was not very restrictive on the German populace. It became a severe program about halfway through the war. See the link below for the details of Germany's rationing program.

Was the movie mash filmed during the Korean War?

No, it was about the Korean war but was filmed in 1970 during Vietnam.

During which war was the battle of Kapyong?

During the Korean War

What is rationing and how was it used during World War 2 globally?

rationing is fapping and it was the same way we use it today

What are rationing books?

A rationing book is something people used during the war to buy food using coupons.

Which countries formed alliances during the Korean War?

See: Korean War

What is wartime rationing and why was it practiced in the US during World War 2?

Rationing was used to make needed supplies available for the troops during WW2

How many Americans served during the Korean war?

About 480,000 Americans were deployed to Korea during the Korean War.

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