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Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

For this error turn off your printer .

Reboot your computer

And then start your printing all over again.

This error is when the printing service crashes.

If you still get the message printer spooler service not running.

Click start > click run > type in services.msc

Find the print spooler service

Double click on it

And click start service .

Then print .

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What does it mean when the printer will not print and message states 'printer spool not installed?

There is a special service responsible for printing it's called "spoolsv.exe". Check your services if it's running. If you want to print anything it must be running.

Where do you check to see if your print spooler is running?

Click on Start Button, Control Panel, Administrative Tools and then Services. Look down the list for Print Spooler, check under its status. If it says started then the Print Spooler should be running, however may have a problem. If it says stopped or is blank under the status column then it is not running. If it is not running, you can try and start it manually. If it is showing started but you are experiencing problems, Click on Stop and then Click on Start to restart the service. Generally I find it better to restart the computer if experiencing printer spooling problems which corrects the problem 90% of the time. Another option is to remove all printer drivers & printer software and re-install.

Where can you download drivers for your printer?

If you run into problems while installing a printer, or if you've added a printer but are unable to use it, you might need to install or update the printer driver so that it is compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Some drivers ship with Windows, are available through Windows Update, or are saved to your computer through the hardware installation process and are ready to install. In other cases, you'll need to install drivers using a CD or DVD provided by the printer manufacturer. To install these drivers, follow the steps for using the Printers folder. If the driver you need is not already stored on your computer or if you don't have a CD or DVD, try searching the printer manufacturer's website to see if you can download and install it from there.

How do you install network printer?

It all depends on the printer you have, the router you have, and what operating system you are running, but typically once you have the printer set up itself, it's a case of adding a new printer using the standard dialog, and selecting to choose one from the network. As for the printer, it's best to have once that is network-compatible. You should check the instructions for each printer, as they differ from machine to machine.

How do you restart print spooler service vista?

When you try to install a printer or try to print some thing You get the following error . "Operation could not be completed. The print spooler service is not running." Start>Run> type services.msc and click OK. Double-click the Printer Spooler service, and then change the startup type to Automatic. This sets the Spooler service to start automatically when you restart the computer. Click OK. Restart the computer and try to install the printer again. If that doesn't work, the problem could be related to corrupted printer drivers that are installed on the computer. Try uninstalling all printer software from the computer and start from scratch.

How would a user install a new USB printer on a PC that is running Windows 7 Professional?

Click Start > All programs > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes > right-click on the desired printer and choose Add.

I am running windows xp i did a system recovery and now my Kodak 5100 aio printer wont work when i try to install it i get an error code 1304x17x3021026592x how can i fix this?

first uninstall the printer driver from control panel and then again try to install the driver.. you can also use system restore utility if it not works..

How do you connect a HP LaserJet 1012 printer to a laptop running Vista 32bit?

you can connect any HP Printer from any Laptop by downloading printer driver and though the cable, if you face any problem then you should contact at:44-808-280-2972

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How To Install Printers In An Office?

Installing any type of new computer hardware in an office can be quite the chore, as many offices have dozens of computers, some of which are running different software and operating systems. Printers can be particularly difficult. Here are a few tips to help you know how to install a printer in your office.First of all, remember that you may not need the software included with a printer. While many of the discs with printer software have names like Printer Install Disc and How To Install Your Printer, they often consist of unnecessary software that can clog up office PCs. Look online for your printer’s driver, which is a small file that helps windows computers recognize the printer. This is usually all that you need to get a printer to work with any of the PCs in an office.Find out whether you’re attaching the printer to a certain computer or to your office’s network, as this will make a big difference in how to install the printer properly. If the printer is attached to your network, you’ll need to follow the Windows or Mac OS installation wizard to locate the printer and allow access for each computer. These wizards are in their operating systems’ respective Printer configuration utilities. If you’re hooking the printer directly up to a computer, the computer should recognize that the printer has been attached, and it will guide you through the process to install the printer properly. Just be sure that you have the printer’s drivers on hand.When you install a printer in an office, you should take a few moments to make sure that all of the attached computers are set up to use the printer as a default, and if you’re worried about ink usage, make sure that their printing defaults are set to Black and White or Grayscale and Draft settings. This will greatly cut down on the amount of ink that the printer uses.Above all else, read the instructions included with your device to learn how to install a printer properly, but use common sense, too. You’ll avoid unnecessary steps like software installation, and you’ll complete the job quickly.

How do I set up 2 identical printers on same wireless network and Identify each printer separately?

My printers is erros, before the printers it running normally but when i format my machine and than i install program again all computer on my shop it can't operate or support with my Administration PC. I have one question want to ask you. How can i find problem if my printer can't print? Best regrads. UY SOKMAKARA

What should you do if your epson printer is running with some kinds of unknown technical issues?

You should take the printer to a technician.

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This product will install on machines running Windows 7 as well as XP?

This product will install on machines running Windows 7 as well as XP

Do you have to purchase food coupons?

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How much does it cost to keep an inkjet printer running?

The cost of running an ink jet printer depends on how much you use it, what manufacturer made it, and what the ink costs. This varies widely form product to product.

How to Install a Printer Driver With No Disk?

Say your printer is having problems, or you cleared your computer’s hard drive and need to install your printer a second time. Will there be a problem if you can not find the drivers for your printer? This should not be a cause for concern. The majority of drivers for printers can be found online on the internet. Here is what you need to do in order to get your printer working. Find out the make and model of your printer. This should be available in the literature that came with your printer. If you can not find the manual or any of the packaging, don’t be concerned. You can find the make and model on the printer itself, usually somewhere near the bar code. You should also know what kind of operating system your computer is running on. In most cases this will be either Windows, MacOS, or Linux. If you have a Macintosh, it is MacOS. If it’s anything else, it is probably Windows, unless you decided to have Linux installed on your computer. Most operating systems will tell you that they are running on your computer when you start up your PC. Find the manufacturer of your printer online. You can do this by doing a Google search for the product name. In some cases if you add the word driver to the search it will take you right to the page that you are looking for. If not it is usually very easy to find the drivers on the product website. A list of drivers will be available on the website. In some cases you may need to download more than one driver. Make sure that you are downloading the driver that is made for the operating system that your computer is running off of. Once you have found the driver, all you need to do is download it from the website and install it on to your computer system. Once the driver is downloaded, simply plug the printer into your computer, go to the Windows control panel, choose printers and hardware, and follow the directions. You will then restart your computer, and print a test page in order to make sure that the printer is working properly. You can do this from the printers and hardware screen, which lets you right click on the printer you have installed, go to properties, and select print test page.

Can you install a Windows 7 Ultimate on a computer running XP or Vista?

yes i can install

Printer spooler not running?

If you see some system messages like "Spooler SubSystem App has encountered a problem..." or "Operation could not be completed. The print spooler service is not running" it's the bifg probability that your spooler is broken. Print spooler may be broken due to 3 most popular reasons: 1. Printer drivers incompatibility It happenes when you begin installing new printer drivers over uninstalled old ones. 2. Accident spooler service crash 3. You have malware onto your computer To eliminate the problem you should download and use special utility called Printer Spooler Fix Wizard. See related link for more info

Photo Printer?

form_title=Photo Printer form_header=Get your printer back up and running in no time. Have your photo printer fixed up by a repair professional. Brand of photo printer?*= _[50] Make of photo printer?*= _[50] Has the cartridge alignment feature been run on the printer?*= () Yes () No Does the printer display any error messages?*= () Yes () No What problems are you having with your photo printer?*= _Please Explain[50]

How do you share windows XP network printer with Windows 7?

I am sharing a Dell Photo AIO Printer 926 running on an XP computer with a computer on the network running Windows 7. When I started, the printer was already installed and working on the XP computer and set up to be shared on the network. Then I ran the 926 printer installation disk (the disk that came with the printer) on the Windows 7 computer. At some point it asked me if the printer was connected to another computer on the network. When I answered "yes" it asked for the name of the other computer on the network and the shared name of the printer. After I answered those questions it proceeded to "install" the printer as if it was connected to the Windows 7 machine and it works perfectly. I was surprised that worked, after having tried many times (unsuccessfully) to connect to it by installing new drivers on the Windows 7 computer. So I would suggest using the printer installation disk on the Windows 7 computer. If you do not have the disk I would suggest trying to get one from the printer manufacturer.

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