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Every European conflict and grievance was represented in the fighting of WW1.

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Q: Was world war 1 an extension of many european wars?
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World War 1 was an extension of the many European wars that had been fought between 1815 and 1914?


How many world wars did the world have?

Two. World War I and World War II. However, the first (1914-1918) was a mostly European conflict

Why are these wars known as world wars?

These wars are known as World Wars because many countries of the world fought in the war

How many world wars happenned?

Only two wars to date are known as world wars.

How many wars were in World War 2?

There was the Pacific Campaign against Japan, by the United States. Then there was the European Campaign against Hitler and his European ally by the United States, Soviet Russia, Great Britain and their allies.

What rivers affect ancient wars?

There were thousands of wars all over the world in antiquity. Ancient wars were fought near many rivers in many parts of the world.

What wars were Latvia in?

Many wars. Including World War II.

How many world war?

There were 2 world wars.

How many wars are going on in the world at this moment?


Do Native Americans have enemies?

Yes, when the English came there were many wars in fought over land. He fought in the " Indian" wars.

How many world wars was there in the us?

There's only been two world wars in the history of man.

How was trade between Americans and Europeans countries affected by war?

During both world wars, trade between the USA and European countries were hampered by the war. The Atlantic Ocean was filled with German submarines in both wars. It was clear that cargo ships were in danger in the Atlantic Ocean. This was intensified when the USA entered both world wars.