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Because when water freezes it expands thus bursting the pipes.

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Water pipes burst during severe winter because water freezes and expands

because the water inside the pipes freezes which causes ice to be created, which then expands and causes the pipe to burst

Ice forms in the pipes. When water freezes it expands a little bit! In water pipes it sometimes expands just enough to split the pipe.The reason why water pipes sometimes burst in winter is because water pipes are full of water and in the winter the air is very cold, sometimes in the UK even 2 or 3 degrees celcius. Because the air is so cold, and the air is surrounding the water pipesDuring the winter, the cold air is surrounding the pipes, which has water. The air turns the water inside the pipes to ice. When water freezes, it expandes. The frozen water expanded just enough to cause the pipe to burst.

The water in your pipes will freeze, and then burst!

because when they get cold enough they will bust and if it is water pipes they will definitely bust if they freeze.

In the winter, water pipes can sometimes burst. This is because the water expands as it freezes into ice, and this causes an increase in pressure inside the pipe. When the pressure gets too high for the pipe to contain, it breaks and bursts water.

Water in the pipes turn to ice and it will expand till it breaks. Always let your pipes run a little water at all times when it is cold.

If you didn't, they could freeze in the winter and burst.

The water inside uninsulated pipes may freeze and expand during a cold winter, pushing opening joints or splitting the pipes, often unnoticed. When the thaw comes, the ice in the pipes melt, and the water pressure returns, and the water is able to spray out through the damaged pipes.

some times when temperatures go really cold in winters it causes water to freeze and as the water in pipes starts to freeze, the expansion that takes place when water freezes causes pipes to break

Becuase when water freezes, it expands and burst the pipe from the inside.

Water freezes at 0 deg C. As the water freezes in the pipes, it expands and it is the force of expansion which causes the pipes to burst.

You gave the answer in the last part - you don't want them to freeze and burst during winter.

A plumber is a tradesman (or woman) who mends burst water pipes.

Yes, copper pipes can burst when the water inside them freeze. This is because, when the water freezes, it expands with a considerable amount of force, against the pipe, bursting it.

Water EXPANDS as it freezes, hello.

Water expands when turning to ice (which is why water pipes can burst in winter). So the difference is in volume (size).

Because the water expands! Water when it freezes - - expands. Therefore water in pipes will split the pipes; water in a glass will break the glass; water in plastic jugs will disform the jugs.

the pipes were metal and metal rusts when water is on it

Because water expands when it freezes.

It is important to protect water pipes so they don't freeze because when water freezes, it swells. If water is trapped inside the pipes the pressure from it swelling will cause the pipes to burst.

If you don't insulate water pipes or protect them in some way from the cold, the water inside the pipes can freeze. This causes you to be without water until the pipes warm up enough to thaw. Also, when the water freezes, it can expand and burst the pipes which will then need to be replaced. Save yourself the aggravation of having no water and the cost of replacing pipes by insulating them. To protect pipes in an empty or unused building, you can pour anti-freeze down all drains and in the toilet to winterize them.

Because water expands when it freezes.

if the water in the pipes freezes, it will expand and break the pipes.