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A light bulb consumes watt-hours per day. How many watt-hours does it consume in days and hours?


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A 50 w bulb consumes 50 w all the time it is running. In one hour it consumes 50 watt-hours. In 20 hours it consumes 1000 watt-hours, that is 1 kilowattt-hour or 1 unit on your electricity bill.

Multiply the power you used (in watts) by the length of time you used it (in hours) to get the number of watt-hours of energy you used.

Your A/C or your dryer/washer , but if you leave your T.V on for >10 hours the T.V will consume more energy than your washer and dryer.

5 days 12 hours = 5.5 days19,800 / 5.5 = 3,600 watt-hours per day = 150 watts

A 60 Watt light bulb consumes electrical energy. If you leave is on for 24 hours, it consumes 60 x 24 = 1440 Watt-Hours, or 1.44 Kilowatt-Hours. If you want to know how much money this much energy costs, look on your last electricity bill. There it will give the cost of one Kilowatt-Hour.

Amps times volts = watts Watts measures the rate of power usage. watts times hours = watt hours Watt hours is a measure of the amount of power used.

AnswerAppliances, such as your lamp, don't 'consume' power; they consume energy. Their power rating merely tells you the rate at which they consume energy. '100 watts' means that your lamp consumes 100 joules of energy every second it is operating.So, over a period of one hour, your lamp will consume 100 x (60 x 60) = 360 000 joules of energy.To complicate matters, however, electricity companies usually measure the energy their customers consume in kilowatt hours, rather than joules (a kilowatt hour is equivalent to 3.6 million joules -in other words, it's a 'big' joule!). A kilowatt hour is the amount of energy consumed, over a period of one hour, at a rate of 1000 watts.To calculate how much energy, in kilowatt hours, your lamp consumes, you must multiply its power in kilowatts (i.e 100/1000) by the number of hours it operates (1), so your lamp consumes 0.1 kilowatt hour. If you know how much your utility company charges, per kilowatt hour, then you can figure out the cost of running your lamp.

Watts are units for measuring the rate of energy consumption. So it is meaningless to speak of how many watts something consumes in a length of time. (It would be like asking how many miles per hour a car drives in an hour.)Energy consumption may be measured in kilowatt-hours. A typical microwave consumes 1500 watts, which would be 1.5 kilowatt-hours in one hour.

800 watthours, = 0,8 kWH, over here about 10-20 eurocents I guess.

7800 watt-hours.3 days 6 hours.3 days x 24 hours in a day = 72 hours72 hours + 6 hours = 78 hours.7800 watt-hours / 78 hours = 100 watts/hour100 watts/hour x 24 hours = 2400 watts/dayjust did that fast, might be wrong? :P

There are many kinds of street lights some consume as much as 750 W others (newer LED varieties) as little as 30W or as much as 180 W. In 10 hours you would multiply these figures by 10.

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Let us consider that Watts means Watt-hours per hour. So a battery charger that consumes 15 Watt-hours per hour will consume 15x24 Watt-hours per day. And at 0.06 dollars per 1000 Watt-hours the cost will be 15x24x0.06/1000 or just over two pennies per day.

First let me define what is a KWh. If a machine consume 1000 watt and we use it for one hour it will consume one KWh, thousand watt consumption for one hour. An average Desktop Computer with 17 Inch CRT Monitor takes Roughly 300 watts means that continuous use of 3 hours consumes one KWh. If you are using a LCD Monitor then you can save lot of power. One KWh can run a Desktop for roughly 6 Hours.

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New York City consumes about 39.4 million kilowatt hours annually.

A 13W bulb consumes 13W/110V=0.118 A.If you use it for an hour, it consumes 0.118 Ah, for 2 hours 0.236 Ah, and so on..AnswerLamps don't use ampere hours, as this is simply a unit of measurement for electric charge. You probably mean 'watt hours' which is a measure of energy. A 13-W lamp will use 13 Wh for each hour it is used.

10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year.

A standard 4 foot baseboard heat will consume 1000 watts/1Kilowatt. So if you could calculate how many hours per day/week/month you can multiply the hours by power consumption and getKWh(Kilowatt Hours) per month.

It consumes (actually "converts") 1.5 kW every hour it is on, equivalent to about 2 horsepower-hours, meaning you'd need two horses pulling simultaneously if you were to want to run that bulb all day.

Kill-a-Watt is a commercial product that measures the number of kilowatts of power you consume from the power line connected to it.One Kilowatt is 1000 watts.NoteYou don't consume power; you consume energy which is expressed in kilowatt hours, not kilowatts.

1 Watt = 1 Joule / sec 500Watts*5 hours*3600 seconds = 9,000,000 Joules per 5 hours = 2.5 Kilowatt hours per 5 hours.

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