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We have a Colt Lightning 22cal serial 75186 and are curious about the manufacture date of it please?


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Colt lightning .22 rifle with that serial number was produced in 1903

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Need serial number to answer. Look it up at

1902 for the .22rf lightning rifle and 1893 for .32,.38 & .44 cal lightning rifle.

Don't know value, and without serial number listed, dates of manufacture run from 1884 for # 1 to 1902 starting @ # 89300.

Lightning light frame .22 in 1894 and the medium frame .32,.38 & .44 caliber in 1886

please include the model number,then you might get a answer.

Based on with a serial number that low, it was made in the first year of production in 1884.

Please include a serial number so your question can be answered.

i would go to the browning web site.Click on the customer service link and there should be a spot were you can research your browning citori lightning.

Please check the link for the Manufacture Date codes details on the Remington Society of America.

Please add the model number to your question,to get the correct answer.

Your serial number is missing a letter and/or a letter/number preceding the 01659. This information is needed to determine the year of manufacture. Please re-check and ask the question again. Thank you.

Your winchester should have a model number located on the firearm.This will greatly help in producing a date of manufacture along with the serial number 389,455.Please include this info in your question.

Please check your serial number again and see if there is a serial number prefix such as 69C or 70C etc.which would be before the actual serial number?If this is the case,please include this in your question to get the correct year of manufacturing.

what is the manufacture dateof springfield serial# 1226813

Please use the link below to identify the date of manufacture

The Colt 1877 DA Lightning ,referred to as the thunderer ,with that serial number was made in 1875.They were made from 1877 to 1909 with serial numbers from 1- 166849.

There is a website that can help find this information. Please see "related links" below for more specific information on that serial number.

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