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We have a strange smell in our house it smells like marijuana but we do not use it the smell is contained in our master bed bath any ideas?


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2009-02-19 03:15:40
2009-02-19 03:15:40

well first things first if you are renting or if you have brought the house and some one else has lived in it then they probvably smoked it in their


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Marijuana smells the same. It should not matter when it was made. It will smell like it smells anytime.

Theres different types of marijuana that smells like grape , :)

The cause is the ethyl mercaptan contained.

No. Weed smells like skunk.

Marijuana. Nuff said........

road kill with perfume sprayed on it

its smells like a pile of butning brush! its smells like a pile of butning brush! Some smells like burnt grass some smells like skunk, the skunkier it smells the better the marijuana is (usually).

smells like a skunk but its good if u ask me.

Marijuana smoke smells sweet. (Yes, I have actually smelled it.)

The best one is the one that smells the most pungent.

a good strain or kind of marijuana could smell sweet

cos it stinks, but obviously you'd have to know what it smells like to smell it.

Well, if it smells a bit strange, or rather, it stinks the house out, then it is definitely NOT fresh, but if it smells fishy (But not stinky), it is probably a fresh fish. :)

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It smells a little like Fritos or corn chips. It's strange.

Peach cobbler smells the way it does because of the ingredients contained in it and the way it is prepared.

What a strange question... it smells like cat urine, I guess. It's unique.

Strange noises, nail marks, great/fishy smells, lubricant and happiness. :)

A Marijuana plant has a potent and distinct odor. Whether or not it smells bad is a matter of personal opinion.

look at these answers but oregano smells like pizza or cooking and marijuana smells alot different you should realise if you have bee sold oregano as weed should contain buds, seeds, little stick things or whatever

I have been told my breath smells like marijuana after I eat bananas but I don't know why. I have noticed this same reaction in friends after they drink a smoothie with bananas in it.

The smell. If anything smells like smoke, marijuana or anything then someone has been smoking.

Marijuana, primarily. It could also be salvia, or several other "organic" drugs.

You can do it out the window, it will still smell but outside Smoking in a pipe still smells, but somewhat less than a joint.

It may be hash or residue from marijuana, scraped out and smoked again.

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