Wear is the horse in poptropica?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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In Jungle Island

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Q: Wear is the horse in poptropica?
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How do you wear a phone in Poptropica?

you cant wear a phone on poptropica...der der

How do you get the horse out of the cage in poptropica?

A person can get the horse out of the cage on Poptropica by jumping on the eggs in the nest. The nest is located at the end of the rope.

Can you leave an island with your horse on poptropica?

I don't think you can leave an island with a horse.

Who is the preetist Poptropica?

Fast horse the goyhic cheerleader

How do you tame the horse on Poptropica on wild west island?


Can you get a different horse in Poptropica?

No, the only horse you get is the one that you tame at Dusty Gulch named Elmer.

What should you do with fairy wings in poptropica?

Wear them! :)

What do horse wear and not the rider?

If the rider is riding the horse they wear a bridle and a saddle and if they are outside they wear a flymask and / or a fly sheet or nothing and if they're in the stall they will wear nothing or a horse blanket.

How can you get a horse on wild west in poptropica?

you go to the man at the ranch with a horse jumping in front of him then you ask him if you can tame the horse then you follow the directions for the game and you have a horse

How do you stay on the horse in poptropica?

In Wild West island you put your mouse over the horse and it'll say something like ride horse or dismount horse.

How do you find the second spy in Poptropica?

in the wear house

How do you be a native islander in poptropica?

You have to wear the grass skirt