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Wear women's clothing?

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I am a 28 year old male and I wear womens clothing all the time. I don't have any male clothes any more. I gave them all away to the Salvation Army. I have never regretted my decision and feel more comfortable in womens clothes. I fill out a38B bra quite well and don't bother with padding. I have no trouble passing as a women and my secret has never been revealed in 12 years. I am totally happy with my life as it is and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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Does Justin Bieber wear womens clothing?

In a magazine, he did once say he wore womens jeans.

What kind of clothing does Islams wear?

womens wear a hijab and anything that covers their face

What clothing did Joan of Arc wear?

Joan wore men's clothing while fighting battles. Wearing womens clothing would have made it difficult to wear armour.

What is the style of Ed Hardy clothing?

They have womens and mens styles. They are mostly casual wear.

What size clothing should a 12 year old girl wear?

I'm 12 and I'm usually an 8 In womens clothing :)

Can men wear womens clothes?

Yes. Men can wear womens clothing and many do. Sometimes men feel bored so they try on a couple bikini's or thongs or miniskirts. Some men go full out and wear womens clothing in public. When i am home alone i try on my sisters bikini underwear and her tight clothes. I have a girlfriend and i am straight. I just get bored. Also, men can wear womens jeans, hoodies, jumpers, socks and such without looking like a cross dresser.

How can a boy look like a girl for gender bender day at school what should he wear?

Womens clothing.

What is the best type of womens shirt that can go from office wear to evening wear?

It depends on what your planes are for the evening and what you do for work :). However, check out for some clothes you might want.

Men wear a women one piece swimsuit?

I wear womens clothing. i especially like lingerie and one piece swimsuits. Yes, they can it is their choice

Is it allowed for a boy to wear womens clothing to school?

NO that would just be tacky don't even think about thatsorry to break it to you but NO

You wear size 18 womens what size do you wear in junior?

they don't make things that big for kids... that's why your sized in WOMENS ... ^^ if you don't know what your talking about then don't answer the question yes they do make plus sized juniors clothing its the style of clothing not necessarily for kids if your an 18 i would go a 20 maybe 22 Debs has a whole line of plus sized clothing

What do Romans usualy wear?

Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.

If you wear a size 5 kids what size womens do i wear?

a womens 5-6

What clothing size does a 5'6 person wear at weight 200?

My guess based on people I know would be a womens 16 or 18.

Can men wear womens clothes and not be a crossdresser or gay?

Yes, they absolutely can. clothing doesn't have any effect on sexuality or whether or not you are a cross dresser.

How do you wear womens pants?

they are comfortable how do boys wear what you guys wear?

Why did the ancient Greek men wear skirts was it because fashion of combat flexibility?

because it was very fhasinable for mens and womens and they dont have any other clothing

Are men who cross-dress and wear womens clothing g?

80% of crossdressers are straight they do so because they like the feel of the clothes and they choose to do so

If you wear 7 in big kids what size is it in womens?

Size 9 in womens.

If you wear an 8 in womens what do you wear in mens?

6 in men's

Do lions wear clothing?

No, lions don't wear clothing.

What did aboriginals wear as clothing?

they wear very little clothing

What did they wear at Russia?

Russians in fact still wear clothing to this day, and they wear clothing no different from that of clothing in the USA or the UK.

What did womens wear as mayans?


Does it mean you are gay if you wear womens panties but you like a girl in your class at school?

No it does not mean you are gay. It just means that you like to wear women's clothing. Many men like to wear women's clothing, but are married, dating, and prefer women.Ive wore panties,thongs and bra's since i was 5 and i am now 11.I like the fill of them