Welche Staatsform hat Deutschland?

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Deutschland ist eine parlamentarische Bundesrepublik
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What is a bundesrepublik deutschland 1970 pfennig worth?

This is an ordinary circulation coin that was used up till the introduction of the euro in 2002. At that time a mark was worth about 50¢ U.S. and there were 100 pfennigs in a mark, so the lowly little 1-pf coin was worth all of a half a cent.

What does bundesrepublik deutschland mean?

Deutschland is the name of Germany in German. And Bundesrepublik means a republic consisting of several Bundesländer (singular Bundesland), kind of states. die Bundesrepublik Deutschland translates as the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the official title of Germany

1948 Deutschland 10 pfennig info?

\nAn East German aluminum 1948 10 pfennig may be worth about .20 with heavy wear to around $2 with moderate wear to maybe $15 with light wear. \nYou might also try a library for a copy of the Standard Catalog of World Coins for pictures, values and lots more interesting info.\nBrad

What is a seashell welch?

There is no data to be found for a seashell welch or any type ofwelch associated with the sea. A seashell however is basically afossil that is found in the ocean.

How close is Bosnia to Deutschland?

If you are at the border from Salzburg, Austria, you have to drive around 700 km to be at the border of Bosnia - Slavonski Brod.

How did Germany get its name Deutschland?

It originates from an Old High German word (originating from the region of Saxony) that means approximately, "of the people." Interestingly, the names that other countries call Germany are based on the two major tribes who called this area of Central Europe home in ancient times, namely, the Alemma ( Full Answer )

What country is Bundesrepublik Deutschland?

Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Federal Republic of Germany .. Since reunification in 1990, this has referred to Germany as a whole. From 1949-1990 it referred specifically to West Germany.

Which country is called Deutschland?

Deutschland is German for Germany. Germany has many different names in different languages. For example, in the languages which border Germany: - Czech: Německo - Danish: Tyskland - English: Germany - French: Allemagne - Hungarian: Németország - Italian: Germania (but the Ita ( Full Answer )

Where is welchs located?

I live in North East Pennsylvania and we have the largest factory in the world here. It's well over 450 acre's i used to live down the street

What is the value of a 1970 bundesrepublik deutschland coin?

In general, German coins from the 1970s are only worth face valuein average condition, but a denomination is needed to make a morespecific estimate. Please post a new, separate question with thecoin's denomination.

Were does bundesreblik deutschland coin come from?

That's Bundesrepublik, and the whole phrase means "Federal Republic of Germany". Any coin denominated in marks or pfennigs is no longer valid in Germany; those coins were taken out of circulation in 2002 when Germany adopted the euro as its currency.

What is the value of a Bundesrepublik Deutschland coin?

That inscription means "Federal Republic of Germany," so your coin is probably a standard circulation coin issued during the period 1950-1999. These coins were removed from circulation when the euro was adopted in 2002 and very few of them are worth any more than face value. You can get a rough idea ( Full Answer )

Where is a deutschland penny from?

Since "Deutschland" is German for the country of Germany, the coin in question would be from Germany. "Penny" here is a bit of a misnomer, however, since the equivalent of a penny in German currency would have been a "Pfennig." There were Pfennig coins in circulation from the 9th century until the ( Full Answer )

What is a deutschland 1974 bundesrepublik value?

We need more information. The words "bundesrepublik Deutschland" just mean "Federal Republic of Germany" and are not the actual value of the coin. The coin will have a number on the front, representing its value in Marks (or Pfefning).

When was deutschland discovered?

One can't really say that any country in Europe was "discovered" as much as developed, since there have been settled tribes since humans migrated into the region in pre-historic times. The original "Germanic homeland" was the northern part of modern-day Germany and Denmark.

What is a bundersrepublik deutschland 50 pfennig?

A 50 pfennig coin is one half of a deutschmark. One deutschmark is divided into 100 pfennig similar to the way that one American dollar is divided into 100 cents or pennies. "Pfennig" in German means "penny" in English. Deutschmark and Pfennig are no longer used as currency in Germany since Germa ( Full Answer )

Who is Dr.Thomas Welch?

He was the discoverer of the pasteurization process to prevent the fermentation of grape juice.

What is the value of a 1972 Bundesrepublik deutschland coin?

Your coin was used in Germany up till the country switched to the euro in 2002. You didn't provide a denomination, but if its value is in pfennige or is at most 5 marks, it's most likely to be an ordinary circulation coin. If so, it's no longer spendable but its value at the time of conversion wa ( Full Answer )

Does the 1991 bundersrepublik deutschland coin have silver in it?

Apart from a 10 Deutsche Mark commemorative coin with an image of an eagle on one side and the Brandenburg Gate on the other which contains about a third of a troy ounce of silver, Germany ("Bundesrepublik Deutschland" is German for the "Federal Republic of Germany") produced no silver coins in 1991 ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 1984 Bundesrepublik Deutschland coin?

Your coin was used in Germany up till the country switched to the euro in 2002. If its value is in pfennige or is at most 5 marks, it's most likely to be an ordinary circulation coin. If so, it's no longer spendable but its value at the time of conversion was roughly half as many US dollars or ce ( Full Answer )

What is a bundesrepublik deutschland 1971 with a 2 on it worth?

Not much, the coin you're describing is a 2 Mark coin, of which millions were in circulation. Unless it is in "mint uncirculated" condition, its value is purely as a curiosity, since the Deutsche Mark was replaced by the Euro.

What is a 1983 deutschland 2 mark coin?

You are asking about a 2 Mark coin from the Federal Republic of Germany ("West Germany" before Germany's reunification in 1991). There were three different 2 Mark coins issued in that years (with portraits of Adenauer, Heuss and Schumacher), and these were each produced in four different mints ("D" ( Full Answer )

Is Florence Welch a song writer?

Yeah she writes all her own songs, bar You Got The Love and Girl with one eye which are both covers. The band wrote some of them with her too.

What does deutschland-BRD mean?

BRD was an unofficial abbreviation of Bundesepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany) especially during the cold war period and during the period of the two German states. It was particularly used by East German agencies who referred to East Germany in official communiqués as DDR ( Full Answer )

What does Deutschland vier loren mean?

"Deutschland vier loren" means Germany four (loren is not a German word) What I think you meant was "Deutschland hat verloren" which translates as "Germany lost".

When did Jack Welch start with GE?

John Francis "Jack" Welch's first job with General Electric was as a Junior Engineer in Pittsfield, MA. He got the job out of college in 1960 right after earning his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He earned about $10,500 annually.

Who invented the Welch Leadership Center?

The Center was originally christened in 1956 as the General Electric training center based in Crotonville, NY. It was used as a simple training facility until Jack Welch took it on in 1982. He wanted to use it as a multipurpose tool. To simultaneously breed a workforce of highly trained leaders and ( Full Answer )

Where did Jack Welch go to college?

Jack went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. When he graduated he immediatley enrolled in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he earned his M.S. and Ph.D.

Who owns welchs?

Just did a report on Welch's. Welch's is it's own entity and is not owned by a bigger company (e.g. pepsi, etc) but rather is owned by an association, the National Grape Cooperative Association.

Where is Bundesrepublik Deutschland?

In central Europe. If instead the question is WHAT, then Germany is made up of 16 different States or "Provinces" (Bundeslaender), which together (or united) form the Republic of Germany. "Bund" means bond (between friends) or confederation (political) in English. So Bundesrepublik Deutschland liter ( Full Answer )

Where in Germany is legoland deutschland?

Legoland Deutschland is located in Günzburg , in between the cities of Augsburg and Ulm, southern Germany. It's official address is as follows: Legolandallee, 89312 Günzburg Germany

What country is to the west of Deutschland?

Deutschland is Germany and there are a few countries to the west of it: farthest northwest is the Netherlands, then Belgium, Luxembourg, and France are all on the western boarder of Germany.

How much is a Deutschland stamp worth?

Deutschland is simply the German name for Germany. Without knowing the date, condition and face value, it's impossible to value it. You are talking about thousands of stamps. The value would range from completely worthless to thousands of dollars.

What is the value of a 1995 Bundesrepublik Deutschland coin?

Your coin was used in Germany up till the country switched to theeuro in 2002. If its value is in pfennige or is at most 5 marks,it's most likely to be an ordinary circulation coin. If so, it's no longer spendable but its value at the time ofconversion was roughly half as many US dollars or cents a ( Full Answer )

What does a hat do for you?

A hat blocks out the harmful UV Rays the sun produces. It prevents you from getting surburnt!

Who is isaak welch?

There are several Isaak Welch listed online. Please consider resubmitting your question to us again with more information so we can better assist you.

Who wrote the lyrics to Deutschland Uber Alles?

The lyrics to the song called Deutschland Uber Alles was written by the man who goes by the long name of August Heinrich Hoffman von Fallersleben. He was a famous lyricist.

What's different with eBat deutschland?

The difference with eBay Deutschland compared to the USA and UK versions is quite simply down to language and currency. Where as the other two main sites use English as the main language the German site uses German text and the European 'Euro' as a currency.