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Which day is it today?
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What is tagging?

laser tagging is a harmless game were you score points by shooting your opponent with a laser gun (that dose not hurt)

Words that have ist in them?

Her are some: ageists artiste artists assists batiste cubists desists egoists enlists insists jurists monists nudists oboists papists purists racists rapists resists sadists sexists theists typists

Was ist das?

" What is that ! " is the maening of this common German exclamation.. meaning what is that ^o^

What is tag?

A body spray for men, or a game where you tap someone and yell "Tag!". A body spray for men, or a game where you tap someone and yell "Tag!"

How do you tag?

Become familiar with what you are use to writing is. Freestyle is your key to tagging. ex. arrows at points of letters, squiggly writing PICK!!!!!

What are tags?

Tags are HTML code that used to define web page document content. . HTML tags are keywords (tag names) surrounded by anglebrackets like . HTML tags normally come in pairs like and . The first tag in a pair is the start tag, thesecond tag is the end tag . The end tag is written like the ( Full Answer )

Was ist Samba?

Samba is a type of music used by Brazilians but was invented by African slaves. --or-- Auf Deutsch, wei dei Frage ist. Samba ist eine Art von Musik von Brasilianern verwendet, aber durch afrikanische Sklaven erfunden wurde.

What does 'was ist heute' mean?

What is today? is the direct translation of Was ist heute? It is a contraction of the phrase Was ist heute für ein Tag? meaning what day is it today? It translates literally as What is today for a day?

What ist pronoun?

The letters 'ist' is not a word or a pronoun, -ist is a suffix that turns a word for an action into a noun for a person who performs the action such as machine to machinist or piano to pianist.

Who ist Elvis?

Elvis was a great singer a long time ago! . He died of a drug over dose. .

What does IST stand for?

IST STANDS FOR . Ist (Isto) is a small island off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. The closest city to Ist is Zadar. The island has an area of 9.65 km². Ist is located between the islands of Škarda and Molat

Was ist Bilderdruckpapier?

Bilderdruckpapiere (auch als Kunstdruckpapiere bezeichnet) sind alle gestrichenen Papiere von 70 bis 170 g/m². Ab 170 bis 300 g/m² spricht man von Bilderdruckkarton. Bilderdruckpapier kann matt, seidenmatt oder glänzend gestrichen sein. Es ist für alle Druckverfahren geeignet. Es ei ( Full Answer )

Welcher planet ist von der erde am weitesten entfernt?

Ich nehme an, die Frage bezieht sich asschließlich auf unser Sonnenszstem. Bis vor kurzem lautete die Antwort Pluto, aber Pluto wurde zum Planetoiden abgestuft. Somit ist Neptun der am weitesten von der Erde enfernte Planet.

Und die sonne ist heute wieder unter uns?

This is certainly not an expression that would be used in either German or English. It means: And the sun is amongst us (in our midst) today

Welcher Fußballspieler war fünfmal bei der WM?

Der ehemalige deutscher Fußballer und derzeitige Nationaltrainer von Bulgarien, Lothar Herbert Mathäus (*21. März 1961 in Erlangen) nahm während seiner aktiven Karriere an fünf Weltmeisterschaften teil: 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998. Er ist nur der 2. Fußballer, der diese Leistu ( Full Answer )

Ich bin sehr gute heute abend Meine Mutter ist Deutsch aber mein Deutsch ist entsetzlich?

Ich bin sehr gut heute abend. Meine Mutter ist Deutsche aber mein Deutsch ist entsetzlich translates as I'm very good this evening. My mother is German but my German is terrible. N.B. In this context Ich bin sehr gut heute abend is grammtically wrong and the correct form would be Es ge ( Full Answer )

Who is the biggest bet welcher in the world?

Jimmy quang of arizona! Since birth jimmy has brought new meaning to the word welcher! In 2nd grade its rumored that jimmy hosed his best friend at the time lui kang in a game of tic tac toe when in the middle of the game he switched from x's to o's! And in 2010 jimmy came away with thousands of dol ( Full Answer )

Was ist buschmeat?

Es gibt Fleisch vom Busch... Fleisch von wilde Tiere. (I hope that's acceptable German... I'm confident the roots are right, but I may have mixed up the gender or idiom.)

What is a single-ist?

From what i've heard its a person who stays with, or "mates" with one person for life, similar to certain bird species. They wo'nt date any other person because they are already attracted to just one person

What does ISTE stand for?

The abbreviation ISTE stands for Indian Society for Technical Education. It is a professional society. Technical institutions, faculty, scholars and students can join this society. They can organize various activities for improving the quality of technical education under the umbrella of ISTE.

Was ist pdf?

A PDF file is basically a Postscript printer file that has beenpreserved for use on a screen. Add-ons have been developed to makethe system more usable. For most users it is a file than cannot be edited but that displaysin an unchanged layout, regardless of what machine it is read on. source: wiki ( Full Answer )

What does a tag do?

A tag has many different meanings. In HTML A tag is an opening and closing bracket before and after HTML code. In Social Media Websites A tag is a comment or 'like' in which one person 'marks' another person's comment or photos. In Health A tag is an excessive growth of skin that makes t ( Full Answer )

Was hat Andrea heute gegessen?

Since I do not know Andrea, I do not know what she has eaten today. If she is like most people, what she will have eaten by the end of the day is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack or dessert of some sort.

What actors and actresses appeared in Heute keine Entlassung - 2009?

The cast of Heute keine Entlassung - 2009 includes: Us Conradi as Patientin im Rollstuhl Yunus Cumartpay as Ali Yilmaz Ercan Durmaz as Kemal Ates Ralph Herforth as Dr. Jan Borsche Christoph Kottenkamp as Krankenhauskoch Mariele Millowitsch as Mirjana Maric Tim Oliver Schultz as Jens Franzen Anita Pu ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Heute Show - 2009?

The cast of Heute Show - 2009 includes: Peter Altmaier as Himself - CDU Elton as himself Wolfgang Bosbach as Himself - CDU Christian Ehring Christian Ehring as Abgeordneten-Experte Christian Ehring as Aschermittwochs-Experte Christian Ehring as Bayern-Experte Christian Ehring as Betrugs-Experte Chri ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Heute nacht - 1994?

The cast of Heute nacht - 1994 includes: Anja Charlet as Herself - Host (2001-2003) Susanne Conrad as Herself - Host (1996-1998) Annika de Buhr as Herself - Host (2005-) Caroline Hamann as Herself - Host (2003-2005) Thomas Kausch as Himself - Host (2001-2004) Normen Odenthal as Himself - Host (2005- ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Sachsen-Anhalt heute - 1992?

The cast of Sachsen-Anhalt heute - 1992 includes: Susi Brandt as Host (2004-) Frank Giering as himself Saskia Grams as Host - Weather Susanne Langhans as Host - Weather Andreas Mann as Host Andreas Neugeboren as Himself - Host Kerstin Petry as Host (2004-) Anja Petzold as Host

What actors and actresses appeared in Barras heute - 1963?

The cast of Barras heute - 1963 includes: Fred Albert Alexander Allerson as Major Grosser Lothar Berg Otto Bolesch Dieter Cartini as Hauptmann Birkeneck Walter Clemens Karl Deschauer as Kanonier Grothe Robert Fackler as Der Stotterer Herta Fahrenberg as Edeltraut Joachim Fuchsberger as Strafverteidi ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Faktor 8 - Der Tag ist gekommen - 2009?

The cast of Faktor 8 - Der Tag ist gekommen - 2009 includes: Muriel Baumeister as Anne Hecker Kirsten Block as Birgit Petersen Eric Bouwer as Wissenschaftler Jaymes Butler as Pascal Gesine Cukrowski as Prof. Heike Ahlers Thomas Darchinger as Frank Degenhard Felix Decker as Bluter Petra Einhoff as Wi ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Heute - 1970?

The cast of Heute - 1970 includes: Christine Dass as Lorchen Karin Glier as Anabell Horst Hesslein Ursula Heyer as Lisa K. Siegfried Munz Willy Schultes as Josef Leitner Manfred Spies Yvonne Ten Hoff as Gerti Witt Evelyne Traeger as Frieda

What actors and actresses appeared in Heute - 1963?

The cast of Heute - 1963 includes: Marlene Assmann Brigitte Bastgen as Newsreader (1990-present) Wibke Bruhns as Newsreader (24 May 1971-12 December 1972) Anja Charlet as Newsreader (2001-2003) George Clooney as himself Petra Gerster as Herself - Host Gerhard Klarner as Newsreader Dagmar Neubronner ( Full Answer )