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How much does miley get paied?


How much do private barristers get paied a week?

well, they get £500 an hour

How much do vets at cromlyn house get paied?

well it depends on what vet he or she works at but the mean salary is about $75,000 at the least.

What are well paying careers?

they have a list on and to be honest more than 75% of the top 15 most well-paying careers are careers in medicine (sergeon is the most well-paying). the non-medical careers i remember are CEOs and Lawyers.

What are the most paid computer careers of today?

Network engineering is one of the highly paid computer careers today. If you are a licensed network engineer, with Microsoft, cisco, oracle certifications, you will be highly in-demand and well-compensated. However, careers in programming are also in-demand and well-compensate as well.

What are two careers in space exploration?

There are many many careers in space exploration. Astronaut usually comes to mind first but there are many engineering and science careers on the ground as well.

Is us representatives paied?

Yes, United States Representatives are paid quite well. Since 2009, each of the members of the house make $174,000 per year.

What are some good careers in biology that pay well?

There are quite a few careers that are offered in the field of biology that pay well. Lab researchers for cosmetic and drug companies. Teaching also pays well one you have tenure.

What careers can a further maths student follow?

Careers that require lots of math include anything that has "engineering" as part of its name, as well as economy.

Careers that pay well?

a prostitue gets 65$/hour which is good

Do finance careers pay very well?

Yes, finance jobs pay very well and they are within the same group of banking jobs which also pay very well. This website has more information about finance careers:

Are there any good careers in Hematology?

There are some great careers in Hematology if you are looking to study blood. They get paid very well and you do not need a lot of school to get a job.

What are the best business administration careers?

The best business administration careers are careers that pay well and are enjoyed by those doing the jobs. If you like the oil industry for example, a career in financial administration in a big oil company could be the best career for you.

What is the downfalls of Peeta having an alliance with the careers in the hunger games?

Well, the only downfall I can think of is this: When Katniss sees Peeta with the Careers, she thinks he has betrayed her and feels a sense of rejection.

What doctorate degrees lead to highest paying careers?

There are many doctorate degrees that lead to highest paying careers, It is important to pick a career that is suitable for you, and not just because it pays well.

The primary purpose of a career assessment test is to?

Suggest careers for which the subject might be well suited.

Dental Careers and Education?

A person's smile speaks volumes about them. Dental careers provide those beautiful smiles. These careers are fulfilling, as well as personally and financially rewarding. Obtaining dental training from an educational program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation can lead to a variety of careers related to dentistry. This includes a dental assistant, dental hygienist or even a dentist.

Why does Peeta Mellark join with the careers in the beginning of the games?

At the beginning of the games, Peeta joins the careers because he thinks it gives him a better chance at winning. He does quite well until the careers either see though him or finds out his plan, and injures him, leaving him for dead. Then Katniss finds him.

What is the longest-running Australian TV drama that launched the acting careers of Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe as well as the music careers of Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia?

The TV show is "Neighbours."

Careers for Animal Lovers?

Animals play an important role in our lives, and many want to find careers to help and care for animals. Veterinary careers do just that. Some of these occupations require only up to a year of schooling, while veterinarians require about six years of education. These careers provide care to pets, farm animals and exotic animals. Along with veterinarians, careers include veterinary technicians and assistants, as well as farm and animal laboratory care takers.

What has Katniss done to put the careers at a disadvantage from the hunger games?

Katniss realizes that the careers can't survive without food so she finds a way to blow it up, but blows off her left ear as well.

Are there any careers that pay 100 per hour?

well according to my pays $100 an hour

What tribute was an ally with the careers until he did his job to well the hunger games?

Think it was the District 3 boy...

What does Dartmouth Hitchcock offer?

Dartmouth Hitchcock offers several services to people in terms of careers and health care. Dartmouth Hitchcock offers a wide variety of careers in the clinical industry, as well as healthcare for those who need it.

What are jobs with a high salary?

Aside from the expected well known high salaried careers such as Doctors and Surgeons and Lawyers, there are many other health related careers ranking in the higher salary brackets such as Podiatrists and RN's even.