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Q: Well violence erupted in Kansas over slavery and in congress between Senator Charles Sumner and representative Preston s.Brooks?
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Who were John C Fremont's children?

Yes he did. He had three. John Charles Fremont, Elizabeth Benton Fremont, and Francis Preston Fremont.

When was Captain Thomas Preston born?

He was born in 1722 the same year as sam Adams

What was Preston brooks beliefs?

Preston Brooks's was a true Southern rebel born in South Carolina. Married twice and widowed once during first marriage, with children from both marriages. He was earlier an assistant to Robert E. Lee and his first cousin was a Confederate general. He was officially associated with the Democratic Party and elected to the US Congress in 1853. Brooks had a vulgar mouth at times and a known temper, being expelled from the University of South Carolina just before graduation for threatening local police with firearms. Fought in a duel with future Texas Senator Louis T. Wigfall and he was shot twice in the hip, causing him to walk with a walking cane. Then in 1856 Brooks beat Senator Charles Sumner to bloody unconsciousness with his walking cane at Sumner's desk in his Senate chambers, until his cane broke. Brook's was Pro-slavery and was furious about a speech Sumner made three days prior to this event, blaming the Southerners for the violence in Kansas. In defense of his attack on Sumner, Brooks said... "A senator from Massachusetts allowed himself, in an elaborately prepared speech, to offer a gross insult to my State, and to a venerable friend who is my State representative and who was absent at the time...Whatever insults my State insults me...; and in her defense I hope I shall always be prepared, humbly and modestly, to perform the duty of a son... It was a personal affair, and in taking redress into my own hands I meant no disrespect to the Senate of the United States or to this House But if I had committed a breach of privilege, it was the privilege of the Senate, and not of this House, which was violated...And now, Mr. Speaker, I announce to you and to this House, that I am no longer a member of the Thirty-fourth Congress." The Congress failed to expel him for his hostile actions but, still he resigned, then that same year he was reelected, where he served until his death in 1857. *(Assuming: Brooks and his beliefs, being the reason South Carolina was the first state to secede in 1860, at the start of American Cilvil War)

The year Charles Robert swart became president?

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Where is Preston Tucker buried?

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What did Representative Preston Brooks attack in sumner Charles Sumner at his desk in congress show?

The increasing political conflict between North and South ~Apex

South Carolina's representative who attacked senator Charles sumner?

Preston Brooks

Who did representative Preston brooks beat with a cane on the floor of the senate?

Senator Charles Sumner

Who was Senator Charles Sumner?

Senator Charles Sumner was the Massachusetts representative. He wrote a speech against slavery and was beaten by Senator Preston Brooks when he read it to the other senators.

When did Charles Preston die?

Charles Preston died in 1800.

When was Charles Preston Wickham born?

Charles Preston Wickham was born in 1836.

When did Charles Preston Wickham die?

Charles Preston Wickham died in 1925.

Republican radical who was savagely beaten was?

Charles Sumner, a prominent proponent of the Abolition movement, was savagely beaten by pro slavery representative Preston Brooks.

Caning of sumner?

The caning of Charles Sumner occurred right here in the United States Congress in 1856. Charles Sumner was beaten nearly to death with a cane by Preston Brooks. Preston Brooks was upset over an anti-slavery speech given by Charles Sumner a few days before.

Which US Senator was attacked by Congressman Preston Brooks after giving a speech that denounced the acts of proslavery forces in Kansas and their supporters in Congress?

Charles sumner

Why was South Carolina representative Preston Brooks removed from congress?

Senator Charles Sumner gave a speech that Preston Brooks strongly disagreed with. Brooks proceeded to come onto the senate floor and beat Senator Sumner with a cain until he was bloody and unconscious. After an outcry from the North, Brooks resigned is congressional seat, but was re-elected by his district. However, he died of croup before his next term began.

Who was Preston Brooks?

Preston Brooks was the name of a Democratic Representative who served the state of South Carolina from 1853 until he died in 1857. He was an advocate of slavery and was well known for an incident in which he beat up Senator Charles Sumner using a cane in 1956.