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No it isn't a symptom of pregnancy. It is a very serious inflammation or infection of the appendix and the person affected should get medical attention as soon as possible. If an appendix ruptures it can cause peritonitis an even more serious infection.

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Can you have appendicitis without a fever?

You usually have mild fever with appendicitis. The pain is the prominent symptom.

Is it bad to get pregnant after an appendicitis operation?

No. It is not bad to get pregnant after uncomplicated appendicitis operation. With complicated appendicitis, you need to consult your surgeon before getting pregnant.

How do I know that I have appendicitis?

It is possible, but pain located in that area could be a symptom of something else as well. Typical symptoms of appendicitis are abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and nausea or vomiting.

Is diarrhea a symptom of appendicitis?

Yes. Specially in infants. It is very difficult to diagnose acute appendicitis in infants.

What is abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain is the leading symptom to an appendicitis.

Is lower back pains a symptom of appendicitis?

Yes, lower back pain can be a symptom of appendicitis. Other symptoms include a stabbing or burning pain in the lower right area of your abdomen, fever, vomiting and nausea.

What are the early symptoms of appendicitis?

Severe pain in umbilical region, fallowed by vomiting is the first symptom of acute appendicitis. Shortly the pain shift to right iliac region. vomiting after getting pain in abdomen and loss of appetite is prominent symptom.

Your breasts are sore and swollen this is not a normal pms symptom for you so What is going on?

It very well could be that you are pregnant.

Can you get pregnant after having had appendicitis?

No, unless you had sex around the time you were ovulating.

Is being bloated a symptom of being pregnant?

No,if your a boy your not gonna be pregnant

If you have stomach problems is that a symptom of being pregnant?


Your stomach has a bad pain to the right is this a sign of being pregnant?

Could be appendicitis.

You are not pregnant but your nipples hurt only when touched by your partner?

Nipple soreness can also be a PMS symptom. It doesn't always happen if you are pregnant, it could happen before you have your period as well.

What is the function of appendicitis?

Conventional medicine has long thought the appendicitis to be of no function what-so-ever, but recent discoveries have found that the appendicitis regulates hormone and energy balance as well.

What are some symptoms of appendicitis?

The main symptom of appendicitis is stomach pain. Loss of appetite and nausea/vometing may also be due to appendicitis. Doctor's will look for a temperature, tenderness in the abdominal, elevated white blood count, and bacteria in the urine.

Can you have appendicitis surgery while you are 5 weeks pregnant?

Appendicitis surgery can not wait. Your gynecologist may decide to terminate the pregnancy later on or may decide to continue the same.

Can you be symptom less at 3 weeks pregnant?


What are symptoms you may have when you get pregnant?

one symptom is nausea.

What does it mean when you have pain in your belly button like someone is stabing you with a knitting needle?

This is a symptom of Appendicitis. Seek medical attention right away!

You are having very sharp pains in your lower right stomachIt also hurts during sexI have no health insurance so what can you do?

You probably should go to the ER to get Appendicitis ruled out. If it is Appendicitis that could cause the appendix to burst. I it does burst that is a serious thing. Check the following 'Symptom checker' web site.

What could abdominal pain be a symptom of?

Abdominal pain is a system of many conditions and ailments. It is a symptom of multiple sclerosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and appendicitis. Additionally, it is a symptom of cancer, gastritis, and constipation. It may also be a symptom of pregnancy, labor, or menstruation. Those suffering from a hernia, or an ulcer, or diverticulitis may also have abdominal pain.

Why does appendicitis causes loss of appetite?

That is a very good question! Loss of appetite is very prominent sign and symptom in appendicitis. You get it in order to to protect your self from getting the peristalsis. Such peristalsis may rupture the appendix. The ruptured appendix may kill you.

What are the symptom before pregnancy?

You have no pregnancy symptoms before you are pregnant.

Can you be pregnant due to implantation bleeding?

This is a symptom of pregnancy, yes

When you pee there is a pink tint does that mean you are pregnant?

It is not a pregnancy symptom