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Yes, Artemis and Apollo are twins. They are the twin archers. Their mother was Leto and their father was Zeus. They were born on the island of Delos. Artemis was born first and became her mother's midwife.

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How are Artemis and Apollo the same?

Artemis and Apollo are the same because their twins.

How are Artemis and Apollo related?

Artemis and Apollo are twins. They are the children of Zeus and Leto.

Are Artemis and Apollo twins?

In most accounts of Greek myth Artemis and Apollo are twins, born of the Titan goddess Leto and Olympian Zeus.

Does Hermes have a twin?

No, but Apollo and Artemis are twins.

Who were Leto's twins?

Apollo and Artemis by Zeus.

Who was born first Artemis or Apollo?

Artemis and Apollo were twins. Hera sent a monster after Leto. After arriving at Delos, Artemis was born and helped Leto give birth to Apollo.

Why is Artemis goddess of the moon?

Because her mother Leto had twins, Artemis and Apollo. Apollo is the god of the sun while Artemis is the goddess of the moon, the exact opposite.

Are Apollo and Artemis married in some myths?

No, there is no myth where Artemis and Apollo are married. They were twins. Artemis never married and became one of the three virgin goddesses.

Are Artemis and Apollo the only Greek gods that were twins?

They are known to be the only godly twins.

Who is the mother of Athena Ares Artemis and Apollo?

The mother of Ares is Hera. The mother of Athena is Metis. The mother of the twins Artemis and Apollo is Leto.

Which of Zeus children were twins?

In Greek form, Apollo and Artemis. In Roman form Apollo and Diana.

What is the relationship between Apollo and Artemis in pantheon?

Apollo and Artemis are twins and both are counted among the twelve Olympians. They are the twin children of Zeus and Leto.

Which two olympian gods were twins?

Apollo (the sun) and Artemis (the moon)

How many Children did Leto have with Zeus?

Two, the twins Artemis and Apollo.

What was Leto in Greek mythology?

Leto was the parent of the twins Artemis and Apollo.

Who are some twins in Greek mythology?

Twins in mythology include Castor and Pollux (the Gemini twins), and Artemis and Apollo (the gods).

Are Apollo and Artemis friends?

Apollo and Artemis were twins, born of Leto and Zeus. They could be friendly in working with each other, but they were just as often at odds. Apollo killed Orion, hunting companion of Artemis and Apollo's lover Koronis who was slain by Artemis after her infidelity.

How much of an age difference is there between Artemis and Apollo?

Artemis and Apollo are twins, the children of Leto and Zeus, so they don't have much of an age difference. Most myths say that Artemis was born about one day before Apollo.

What did phoibos mean to Apollo?

Phoibê means "bright" and she was the mother of Leto, who is mother of the twins Apollo and Artemis by Zeus.

What does Artemis represent in Greek mthyology?

Artemis is the goddess of hunting and the wilderness. She is the twins with Apollo, the god of prophecy, music, healing....

Did Leto have a husband?

Yes, Zeus. By him she had her only two children, the twins Artemis and Apollo.

Who did Leto the goddess give birth to?

She and Zeus are the parents of the twins, Apollo and Artemis, aka the Letoides.

What is the seventh day of Thargelia?

In ancient Greece, the 7th day of Thargelia was celebrated as the birthday of the twins Artemis and Apollo. Artemis was the goddess of the Hunt and forests. Apollo was the god of the sun, music, and poetry.

Is Hera the mother of Apollo and Artemis?

No, Leto is the mother of Artemis and Apollo. In fact, Hera hated the twins because they were children of her husband Zeus by a different woman. Hera did everything in her power to stop the twins from being born and to make Leto's life miserable.

Who did Artemis and Apollo murder?

Outright? The children of Niobe, who she bragged were better then Artemis and Apollo, and she better then Leto, who had only born twins while she had six boys and six girls. Some claim there were fourteen children and not twelve, for Artemis and Apollo spared one boy and one girl.

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