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Were Jewish civilians murdered in Nazi-controlled Europe?


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Yes, practically all the Jews murdered in the Holocaust were civilians. Please see the related questions.

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There was about 5 million non Jewish killed

In 1938 there were about 9.4 million Jews in Europe and about 6 million were murdered - in other words, about 64%.

Heres the death toll of Jews murdered in the holocaustr by countryPoland3,300,000=Prewar Jewish population3,000,000= Number of Jews murdered90%= countries Jewish population deadBaltic countries253,000=Prewar Jewish population228,000= Number of Jews dead90%=countries Jewish population deadGermany & Austria240,000=Prewar Jewish population210,000= Number if Jews dead90%=countries Jewish population deadBohemia & Moravia90,000=Prewar Jewish population80,000=Number of Jews murdered89% countries Jewish population deadSlovakia90,000= Prewar Jewish population75,00083%=countries Jewish population deadGreece70,000=Prewar Jewish population54,000=Number of Jews murdered77%=countries Jewish population deadNetherlands140,000=Prewar Jewish population105,000=Number of Jews murdered75%=countries Jewish population deadHungary650,000=Prewar Jewish population450,000=Number of Jews murdered70%=countries Jewish population deadByelorussian SSR375,000=Prewar Jewish population245,000= Numbers of Jews dead65%= countries Jewish population deadUkrainian SSR1,500,000=Prewar Jewish population900,000=Number of Jews murdered60%= countries Jewish population deadBelgium65,000=Prewar Jewish population40,000=Number of Jews murdered60%=countries Jewish population deadYugoslavia43,000=Prewar Jewish population26,000=Number of Jews murdered60%= countries Jewish population deadRomania600,000=Prewar Jewish population300,000=Number of Jews murdered50%=countries Jewish population deadNorway2,173=Prewar Jewish population890=Number of Jews murdered41%= countries Jewish population deadFrance350,000=Prewar Jewish population90,000=Number of Jews murdered26%= countries Jewish population deadBulgaria64,000=Prewar Jewish population14,000=Number of Jews murdered22%=countries Jewish population deadItaly40,000=Prewar Jewish population8,000=Number of Jews murdered20%= countries Jewish population deadLuxembourg5,000=Prewar Jewish population1,000=Number of Jews murdered20%= countries Jewish population deadRussian SFSR975,000=Prewar Jewish population107,000=Number of Jews murdered11%= countries Jewish population deadFinland2,000=Prewar Jewish population22=Number of Jews murdered1%= countries Jewish population deadDenmark8,000= Prewar Jewish population52= Number of Jews deadTotal8,861,800= Prewar Jewish population5,933,900= Number of Jews murdered66.9604%=countries Jewish population dead

Nazi Germany constructed the gas chambers to eliminate the Jewish people of Europe. As many as 3 million Jews were murdered in this way.

To concentration and extermination camps thoughout Europe (esp Poland). There they were murdered by Zyclon-B gas and incinerated in crematoria. Fortunately not all of them.

Hitler arrested and murdered 6 million Jewish men, women, and children.

A figure often given for non-Jewish victims is 5 million.

The answer depends somewhat on where you're talking about.

Yes. 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

how many jews where murdered in each county and what percentage of the pre-war jewish population did they consume?

Poland, 3 million out of 3.3 million polish jews were murdered, thats 90% of polish jewish popylation wiped out and nearly 50% of the Jews murdered during the holocaust.

The crusades raised the Christian population because people feared they would be killed if they were not Christian, Jewish people were murdered and went in to hiding but were tolerated in some countries and Muslims were forced to Asia there declining Muslim population.

90% or more of the people murdered in Auschwitz were Jewish.

Mostly Jews but their was same normal polish civilians who looked jewish

None. There were no Black Jewish communities in Europe for Hitler to have killed. However, if Nazis had encountered Black Jews, they would certainly have been deported and murdered just like every other Jewish community that Hitler took apart.

In 1933 approximately 9.5 million Jews lived in Europe comprising 1.7% of the total European population. This number represents more than 60% of the World's Jewish population at that time of an estimated 15.3 million. The majority of Jews in prewar Europe lived in Eastern Europe. The largest was Poland with about 3,000,000 Jews. In Central Europe the largest Jewish population was in Germany with about 525,000 people and Western Europe the largest population was in Great Britain with 300,000. Before the Nazi seizure in 1933 Europe had a diverse set of Jewish cultures. In less than a decade two out of every three Jews would be dead.

Roughly 6.2 million Jewish people were murdered overall. In the camps and everywhere else the Nazis conquered.

There are Jewish communities in every European country.

Second to the Jews, the Nazis also rounded up Romani (also known as Gypsies) -- they were classified as undesirable non-Aryans, and like Jews, they had faced centuries of marginalization in Europe. The Nazis also systematically murdered people with disability as a eugenic measure. Freemasons, homosexuals and Jehovah's witnesses witnesses were also subject to being rounded up and murdered. There are difficulties drawing lines between the Holocaust and civilian casualties in general. It is estimated that the Nazis killed as many as 5 million non-Jewish Russian civilians, 3 million Polish civilians, and many others. Was this part of the Holocaust, or should it be classified as a different war crime?

Jews were all over Europe not only Germany. Many them were murdered during world war 2. The lucky ones escaped to other counteries and then by boats to Israel

Right now, it is a estimate of five-million non-Jewish civilians that were killed in the Holocaust. People are searching for further evidence to determine a better estimate of how many was really killed, but the real number will never be known.

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