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Sweden wasn't, as it was neutral. Germany obviously was.

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Was Sweden Finland and Germany occupied by Germany in World War 2?

Sweden was not, as it was neutral. Finland was not, but it was an ally of Germany. Germany obviously was occupied by Germany.

What country occupied sweden in world war 2?

Nobody occupied Sweden in WWII, it was neutral although it did supply Germany with iron ore for war production.

Is Sweden occupied by Germany in world war 2?

Yes, they were. Wrong!! Sweden was not occupied because all combatants recognised its neutrality - and made good use of it.

Was Sweden occupied by the Germans during World War 2?

No, Sweden was never occupied by another nation during World War Two.

Was Sweden occupied by the Nazis?

No, Sweden was not occupied by any foreign power in either world war.

Was Sweden occupied during World War 2?

No. Sweden was not occupied during World War 2. As a matter of fact, many Jewish families tried to escape to Sweden.

Who occupied Germany in world war 2?

Germany did the occupying. No country occupied Germany.

Was Sweden occupied in world war 2?

No, Sweden was neutral throughout the whole war.

Was Norway occupied in Germany?

Yes. Norway was occupied by Germany in World War II.

Did Germany occupy Norway in World War 2?

Yes. But not all of it.no it wasnt.Yes Norway was occupied by Germany in World War 2. Trust me this is real, I had to do a report on Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and Germany.

Was Finland occupied in World war 1 by Germany?

Nope, Finland has never been occupied by Germany, not in the First World War or otherwise.

What separates denmark from Sweden in world war 2?

Denmark was invaded and occupied, Sweden was not.

Was Germany occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Who occupied Germanyapex= rhineland Yes, Germany was occupied by Germany during World War 2. It was not until after the war that Germany was split into four parts. Britain, France, The United States, and the Soviet Union each got a piece of Germany.

Was Denmark Occupied by Germany world war 2 in 1943?

Denmark was invaded & occupied by Germany on April 9, 1940. It was occupied by Germany until the end of the war, May 1945.

Was Sweden occupied in world war 2 by Germans?

no Sweden was a neutral country during WW2

What four countries occupied Germany after World War 2?

After World War 2 Germany was occupied by the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britian, and France

What are the differences between Sweden and denmark in world war 2?

Both declared neutrality when the war broke out so both nations wanted to stay out of it, the difference is that Sweden was not invaded while Denmark was invaded and occupied by Germany.

Was Sweden occupied by Germany in WW2?

No, Sweden took a neutral stand during the Second World War, so Germany did not invade them. PS: Just in case you aren't sure, a neutral stand is when a country neither goes to war or picks sides during a conflict.

Was Finland occupied by the Nazi's during world war 2?

Yes, Germany occupied Finland in 1941. ___ Finland was an Axis ally of Germany and was not occupied.

What countries occupied West Germany after World War I?

West Germany, as such, was a creation of WW2, occupied by Britain, France & the US.

Was Sweden a allie of Germany in World War 2?

Sweden was neutral in Word War II.

What countries in Europe were occupied by Germany during World War 1?

The only country was with/occupied ti germany is germany, austria-hungary and italy

Which british isle was occupied by Germany in World War 2?

The Channel Islands was the only part of Britain to be occupied by Germany in ww2

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