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Yes, they were.

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2009-07-20 00:01:30
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Q: Were blacks harassed during the 1964 civil rights movement?
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How did the whites fight back during the Civil Rights Movement?

Whites fought back during the Civil Rights Movement by using voilence and by becoming more voilent toward blacks

What did Mose Wright's do?

Mose Wright helped with the Civil Rights Movement. The civil rights movement helped give blacks equal rights as whites.

Where just African Americans treated bad during the civil rights movement?

Hispanics were too but not as much blacks

Is the Civil Rights Movement the freedom of blacks?


When were blacks given equal rights?

In 1968 when the civil rights movement ended

Was there participation from blacks and whites in the civil rights movement?


When did blacks in US get racial equality?

Civil Rights movement

What were the goals of the niagara movement?

For blacks to have the same rights as whites.

How many blacks were helping in the Civil Rights Movement?

About 6,000,000

When were blacks given rights?

African-Americans were given rights that started in 1954 with the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement was to end racial segregation and discrimination.

What movement in the us did martin Luther king lead?

He lead the civil rights movement for the blacks.

What happened in the civil rights movement?

The black where separated from the whites because of the color of their skin. Also blacks had little rights. The blacks could not fight with whites, play, date, or marry a white person. The civil rights movement changed that so that blacks were able to have the same rights as white people.

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