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go to game stop and trade in a ds lite ds or even a gba and get mony of the dsi

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Where can you buy the Nintendo DSi cheap?

you can by it cheap at half.com

Where can you get the DSi XL cheap?

pre order it from gamestop and it will be cheap

How can you use a DS to find a DSi?

You cannot find your DSi with a DS

Can you find acekards for Nintendo DSi in Saudi Arabia and Egypt?

Can you find acekards for Nintendo dsi in Saudi arabi

What store sell s cheap nintendo DSI?

target is the lowest price i foun : }

How do you find your pin on your Nintendo DSi?

To find your pin for your DSI,DS, and DSI XL. You will either find it in tight spaces such as your couch or your chair ETC. thats were I usually find mine...you can check your LAST USED pants our DS pack. Check every pocket!

Should you buy a dsi even though you have a ds?

The DSi has a lot of improvements, but it isn't cheap. If you have a DS lite, i wouldn't recommend buying a DSi unless you have a lot of money to spend or you really like the new camera and internet features.

where can i find cheap laptops?

You can find cheap laptops at dell.com

How do you find a acsess point on the dsi?

Go around with your dsi and if that doesn't work than go on support.nintendo.com

How to use a DSI?

Press the power button for dsi, and slide the button on the right for ds. Find out the rest.

How do you find a dsi?

i dont know, this is my question

How do you find a dsi charger?

A DSi charge cable can be bought from any retailer that sells DS products or from the Nintendo website. The charger has the part number WAP-002 and is compatible with the DSi, DSi XL and 3DS.

Where can you find a cheap horse?


How do you play music on dsi?

you can find the music on a website and record it on dsi sound or you can get an sd card download a song

Where can you find a dsi picture?

You can find a DSi picture on Google images heres how you do it: Go to Google, then click images which is in the top left hand corner of the screen. It then should come up with Google images. That's when you type in DSi

Were can you find sharing canter in your Nintendo DSi?

Go to the main menu of your DSi and select DSi Download play. From there you can either join a game or make a game. Have fun sharing your games with your friends on DSi download play!

Where can you buy a cheap dsi?

you could get it at nebraska furniture mart for 144 dollars with 5 games included for free

What is the cheapest big store for DSi?

Toys R Us do them for 139.97 with free delivery. They also do Wii Cheap.

How do you get WiFi on your dsi?

You have to find a Wi-Fi zone

What is the Nintendo DSi bar-code?

more commonly reffered to as the serial number, you can find it on a white strip on the back of a dsi. Every dsi has a different serial number.

Why can't you use facebook on your dsi?

You can get facebook on DSI. You just need wifi then when u have wifi you go on DSI shop go on this box that says FREE and then you will find internet

Where do you find cheap saris?

there are many online website where you can find cheap sarees

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