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Q: Were can you find a free doctor suit and hat on panfu?
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In panfu where do you find diving suit?

you find it in the panfu catalog it is somewhere in the middle peace! -thedolphins

How do you find the swimming suit on Panfu?

it is in the gift shop catalogue. google it

Can you get the diving suit for free on panfu?

yes u can go to youtube and tipe in how do i get the diveing soit for free and u shoud find out there if there is a 2 way i will find out hope this helps PS there is a 2 way go to the gift shop and find it on panfu but u have to be a gold panda to buy stuff on panfu i will be giveing some club penguin hakes so tune in for more xxxoo

Where do you find the diving suit on panfu?

you click on the under water dome on your map you will automaticly get it

Where are the armbands the goggles and the swimming suit on panfu?

they are around panfu somewhere in the village

Where do you get the diving suit in Panfu?

in the locker Sophiebaby32

Panfu cheats where do you find the swimming suit parts?

it is in the swimming pool lockers on the wall hanging up

In panfu where do you get the diving suit?

You Go To The Underground School

Where is diving suit on panfu?

The armbands are in the pony stable

Where is the swiming sute hiding in panfu?

You find different things and then you take them to the life guard at the pool and then you get a swim suit.

Panfu how do you get the diving suit to go the under water school?

it is in the catalogue you can find it in many places like the shop in the town

On panfu how do you get the diving suit?

In the catalogue in the kiosk which is in the swimmin pool

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