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Were can you find good pokemon gameshark codes?

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Q: Were can you find good pokemon gameshark codes?
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What is a good site for Pokemon Yellow gameshark codes?

How do you get good cheats in Pokemon cristal?

gameshark codes will be found for it on or i have cool codes to encounter celibi in the wild, but sadly my gameshark codes did not save :[ p.s. you spelt Pokemon crystal wrong you put cristal it is crystal by the way you should check out for game walkthroughs

How do you enter a code in Pokemon Firered?

You must have an Action Replay or Gameshark. For good Action Replay codes check the neoseeker website. :)

What are some good GameShark codes?

Its depend on the game, seach on Google or something for: *game title* Gameshark

What are the Xploder codes to get Aruora Ticket or the Mystic Ticket in Pokemon?

you need action replay or gameshark GOOD LUCK Connor belbin Ontario

Is there a good cheet code for kingdom hearts?

Buy ActionReplay or GameShark, there's a ton of good codes.

Action replay Pokemon HeartGold rare Pokemon codes?

There's some good Pokemon modifier AR Codes, you can find those, and more codes (US!) at this website:

How do you find Pokemon modifier in Pokemon emerald?

there is a modifier but i dont know the exact codes!good lock on finding them

What is a really good site for gameshark codes for gameboy color games? find the game you are looking for, then scroll to the bottom, there should be GameShark Codes if any by the way this is Robert :3 by the way cheatcc is NOT the one and only resource for video game related questions... just to let you know.

On Pokemon ruby are there any codes to get good Pokemon?


What is the gameshark or ar code to get lavatar in Pokemon gold version some1 pls help me fast...........?

I don't know the code but i know the JAP name for it is yogrisuar something like that ill check the code on my PC now Put This Gameshark Code In 01F6EDD0 (FOR LARVITAR IN THE WILD) - Larvitar Please note that where u are the Pokemon u seek will be the same lvl as well heres a good link for the gameshark codes + keep in mind that gameshark codes can erase ur game so yeh Also heres another good site then go to the game u want codes for :P Hope i helped :P Sayder

What are some good codes for Pokemon Black and White?

There are no codes

Pokemon ar codes dp?

Give some good Pokemon A R codes please

Are there Gameshark codes for yugioh the eternal duelist soul?

yes there are here are some links to really good gameshark codes

Where is a good place to find cheats for your GameShark?


What are some very good sires to look up Pokemon codes on the action replay?

Well to tell you the truth I find all my codes here on Wikianswers.

What are some cheats for Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones?

go on google and type in (fire emblem sacred stones gameshark codes). youll find really good cheats if you browse around

Adding codes to action replay ultimate codes to Pokemon?

I know a great website for AR codes.,, is the ultimate places to find Action Replay codes. Hope it helps. PS.If you whan a certain code email me at Ps you can find some for Pokemon d/p/pl thay are good.

Good codes for Pokemon diamond?

Go to Its awsome you can even request codes!

FireRed GameShark codes?

Firstly gameshark is cheating device for gameboy. secondly a code is a system of signals used to hack the game card itself causing it to corrupt the transmitting messages to the game data. Ummm ... Here's a good link:

Free Pokemon cheats so you can have one of every Pokemon in the game for Pokemon diamond version?

Buy an action replay. You can find one at a very good price at most best buy stores. There is no way to cheat unless you have a gameshark or AR that is legal.

What are the Gameshark codes for Pokemon Ruby Version of VisualBoyAdvance?

go to it has all ruby codes xD here the link good luck with that cheating :)http:/wwwzperiodzsupercheatszperiodzcom/gameboyadvance/pokemonrubycodeszperiodzhtmhappy cheatingsubmitted by Olivictorgo to, has better cheats that work for Pokemon ruby.go to,http:/wwwzperiodzsupercheatszperiodzcom/gameboyadvance/pokemonsapphirecodeszperiodzhtmhttp:/wwwzperiodzneoseekerzperiodzcom/Games/Products/GBA/pokemon_sapphire/gameshark_codeszperiodzhtml good cheats that work for Pokemon sapphire.I've tried them myself. good lucksubmitted by locker702

All shiny Pokemon action replay code for Pokemon diamond?

Type "Codejunkies" in google, that's the website you need. you can almost find codes for every DS game. hope you find it, good luck ;)

Any good cheat codes for Pokemon dimond?

No there isn't

How do you hack for n64 GameShark pro?

The best way to hack with the Gameshark is to find an existing code for the game you have at a site like or and then modify this code by making gradual changes until you find a code that works. Some codes might have a bad effect on your game so you may not want to save while you have a code active. Good luck.