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There were cars well before World War 2. Before World War 1 even.

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Q: Were cars invented after World War 2?
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Who invented the tank in world war 2?

No one, as the tank had already been invented in world war 1.

Why a World War 2 cars different to 2011 cars?

World War 2 cars were much tougher than today's cars, and today's cars can go much faster, there are more differences to them too so these aren't the only two differences.

Did World War 2 have cars?


What cars were not made during World War 2?

All passenger cars

Was there cars during world war 2?

Yes, almost every country in the world had cars by WW2.

During what war was the programmable computer invented?

World War 2 (and invented in Great Britain).

Would they have cars in world war 2?

Yes, there were.

When was the first world computer invented?

around world war 2

What was invented in World War 2?

The Shake Weight . :)

When was the Jeep invented?

during world war 2

Where toothbrush invented in the world war 2?

No in nam

In what year was the freezer invented?

After world war 2

Where were the cars made in during the world war 2?

car manufacture was suspended during war

What cars for World War 2 german officers?

Mercedez and Kubelwagons

Was there electricity in World War 2?

Yes, electricity was invented/discovered in the 1800s. World War 2 took place in the 1930s and 1940s.

What transport did they use during world war 2?

During World war 2 they used trains, trams, buses few people had cars as they were not affordable.

Who invented welfare?

Mackenzie King invented it when he was prime minister during world war 2.

Who invented the blackout in World War 2?

Agnes Drumond

When was artificial kidney invented?

world war 2 i believe :)

What were railroad cars used for during world war 2?

They were mostly used for the transportation of Jews to and from concentration camps during the Holocaust, which was during World War 2.

When was kleenex invented?

Kleenex was invented in1924 by kimberly-clark. she invented it as a substitute for cotton during world war 2.

Why are cars made in Germany?

PROBOBLY because we defeated them in World War 2

Did people drive cars in England during world war 2?


Were Japanese cars allowed to be imported to America during world war 2?


Who drove cars in World War 2?

Any body that could or wanted to.