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== == == == I don't think so. They were reptiles which means they were cold blooded and therefore I would think they would be inactive during night because it was cooler. some might have such as troodont's and dromaeosaurs been nocturnal so it would have been easier to get baby herbivores or if troodonts wanted to get mammal prey

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What is dinosaurs nocturnal?

First of all, get your grammar right. Second, there probably were nocturnal dinosaurs. Some smaller species would have probably snuck out at night to snatch eggs and such and slept in burrows or trees during the day.

Were any dinosaurs nocturnal?

In all likelyhood, yes. Though in most cases we cannot tell what the periods of activity were for most prehistoric animals. However, evidence of nocturnal behavior exists in the eye sockets of some dinosaurs.

How did dinosaurs adapt?

well I'm not to sure but its been said that they had large eyes, useful in a nocturnal habitat.

What was the time when humans were existing with dinosaurs?

Humans never existed with the Dinosaurs. While the dinosaurs lived the largest mammals were about the size of modern rats and were mostly nocturnal (active while the dinosaurs slept). It was not until all of the dinosaurs had died that mammals could risk coming out of hiding during the daytime. The dinosaurs had been dead for about 10 million years before the first primates evolved, and humans evolved from primates about 54 million years after that (dinosaurs had been dead roughly 64 million years before the first humans lived).

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Actually dinosaurs and mammals began at about the same time (some 200 million years ago) and lived side by side for millions of years ... but the dinos won and wiped out all the early mammals except for the little, nocturnal ones like mice (our ancestors).

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